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Phoenix, AZ | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Phoenix, AZ | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop




"Rich Homie Quan Tour review"

"...Then I went into the elusive backstage room to interview RHQ. Huge shout-out Colton Beausoleil from The Come Up Show for coming on board as my partner-in-crime for the evening. Colton shot video for my interview with Rich Homie Quan. Then I sat in on and filmed his interview with FriskOLAY afterwards. Then the two of us met up with A-Game and went over to their hotel. I was blessed to be able sit in on Colton’s interview with them, as well. The twins even let me borrow their hotel room Keureg machine. All praises due to the twins.

A few hours after that interview wrapped, it was showtime. I arrived outside the venue – once again – just after 11 p.m. There was a really grumpy doorman at Marquee who told me that guest list had ended at 11 p.m. I explained to Grumpy McGrumpypants that I was there to photograph the show. He told me I wasn’t getting into the venue. Some time passed. I linked back up with Colton. Some more time passed. And as FriskOLAY took the stage for his set, Colton and I were stuck outside of Marquee and denied entry into the show.

Let me preface this by saying that I love Marquee in theory because their social media game is so on-point and they repost our Instagram photos and tweet us in the Twittersphere (Salute! Salute! Salute!). But in practice, I’ve had problems at the door at every single show I’ve ever attended there.

Anyways, eventually Two Towers got us into the building and I caught the last couple of songs from FriskOLAY’s set. I only caught a couple minutes but I can tell you this much: FriskOLAY is a BEAST; a beastly beast who will make you question everything you’ve heard about turning up and wilding out. The “OLAY” in FriskOLAY stands for “Only Live As Yourself.” So just as you would yell “OLE!” with supreme excitement, you should yell “OLAY!” with even more excitement.

Dude’s performance was the lovechild of J. Cole’s live show and Future’s live show. He bodied that goofball J. Cole swagger by sticking his tongue out and wilding out all over the stage. But he also had a majestic cool boy Future-ish thing going for him. That, and the blonde dreadlocks. When he wilds out, his dreadlocks go hard. It’s like when you see majestic horses frolicking around with their manes whipping in the wind.

F**k. I just compared a swag rapper to a majestic horse. I probably need to re-evaluate my metaphor game right now and everything else about my life. But I’ll roll with it, anyways. OLAY! FriskOLAY is a majestic trap-lord on the come-up and the stage is his field to frolic in. The wind blowing his majestic mane is the hype of the crowd. HE LIVES FOR IT. And it is one of the most fulfilling and freeing things to witness.

After his set wrapped, FriskOLAY brought a camera on stage and filmed the crowd. He had a big toothy grin on his face; the kind of grin where you know he’s eating up every minute of shine." -

"Booty (Official Video) Review"

"Phoenix, AZ – Southern rap’s new wave up-and-comer FriskOLAY just dropped the heat (and the booty) with his latest video single release titled “Booty.” Homie is not Canadian but I got to meet him in Calgary when he rolled through on the Rich Homie Quan Tour a few weeks back. And his performance set is LIVE. So when I seen that he dropped a new video, I had to post it up for you.

“Booty” is all about butts. Butts everywhere; butts clapping, butts swanging, butts bouncing, and butts popping. This in an appreciation joint that gives highest of praise to the ass. You know when you go to the club and there’s that one trappy banger that all the girls are hopping on stage and twerking on? This is that song. Check it out after the jump.

FriskOLAY brings us into the club where all the babes are roaming around with their butts being all butt-wilding. And then he unleashes ass-centric lyrical fury on us and everyone turns up.

As soon as you see homie’s dreads thrashing around, you’ll see why his live set is so transfixing. He’s a majestic dude. And a very well-dressed man. He’s the kind of guy who performs with a backpack on his back – not because he’s got to carry things, but because it just looks slick AF. He’s also the kind of guy who will rock a denim cutoff vest with layers upon layers upon layers of chains; because he can. Shoot. This dude is actually so punk rock. I feel that 100%.

And just so y’all know, the “OLAY” in FriskOLAY stands for “Only Live As Yourself.” In other words: don’t be afraid to be you. Your raps should be an extension of your being. So if you like it when her ass drops, turn that ish into an anthem and call it “Booty.”" -

"Tattoos, Weed & the HOMIE (Montreal)"

"... The crowd enjoyed performances by well known Toronto-based rap groups EMG and A-Game. A special mention to that cranked up/OG Maco-type performer FriskOLAY who really shooked the stage up. And a lot of dreads too. This is an opening act you would expect in a RHQ show." - The MULA

"TI Tour"

"... He doesn’t come alone as FriskOLAY accompanies him while they venture North of the border. Hype tracks like Understand Me and Danny Glover will get the crowd moving as he’ll look to hold it down as the opening act.

The Phoenix native brings about a high-octane energy with a familiar flow that has swept through the caverns of Rap which will likely appeal to what looks to be a large crowd to await himself & T.I.

With no full project or EP out, FriskOLAY is still looking to establish himself for a new crowd that’ll be eager to be exposed to new artists as Rap Season continues forward as the weather gets cooler towards the end of 2014. Check out some tracks on his Soundcloud" -


"...You live in the city and you haven’t heard of FriskOLAY then you aren’t about the culture. Homie grinds, and grinds, and grinds whether it’s the IF & Broke Rich Kidz movement, doing tats or recording other artist. This is thee hardest working man in the city, and by the way he raps very well too. Listen to FriskOLAY body this Ty Dolla $ign joint and be on the look out for the “IIWII” project coming sooner than later, shout out to Frisk on the artwork. (yea he does that too)" -

"BrokeRichKidz LLC"

"...Arizona label and management company Broke Rich Kidz has formulated an innovative way for musicians and and artists of all nature to have access to the tools necessary for production and promotion (studio, video production, etc). Members are also able to pool resources and invest them themselves along with the group. The #BRK movement is quickly gaining in popularity and in precessence as they grow their roster, drop new projects, and continue their community activism . Take a look at some of Broke Rich Kidz more notable members below and AZEverything Feature above." -


"...One of the most unique artist out of Arizona Friskoly releases new single & visuals. Taking his talents to the Philippines for a one month 16 show tour, Friskolay shot a music video for his single Cosa. His energy and the originality in his music is never disappointing. Check out Cosa now!" - Toure Masters


Still working on that hot first release.



Entrepreneur. Hard working righteous self-starter. As an artist I have toured Canada twice as an official opening act. Once for TIP and the second for Rich Homie Quan. I have also toured the Philippines along with countless shows and festivals with artists such as Rick Ross, Future, 2Chainz, Travis Porter, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, Migos, Yelawolf, Curren$y, Baeza, Baby Bash, ASAP Ferg, E40, Warren G, Yo Gotti and many more. @friskolay is my handle on all social media and the OLAY stands for “Only Live As Yurself.” My music is eccentric and has been repeatedly reviewed as “refreshing”. has written a few blogs that pretty much take things home. I am an unsigned artist looking to make waves in the industry on stage, on the airways AND behind the scenes. #dirtyredchucks #friskolay #geeksNweirdos #theFRISKOLAYproject

I started my music career in 2009 when I co-founded indie label Illustrious Few. I built a mid-level but high quality studio, took courses on audio recording, and used my party throwing (Sand Dollarz Productions) network to get us into the city’s spotlight. I locked in Bobby Fresh, CloudKicker, King & Duck, and countless local brands as clothing sponsors and we performed our way to the top of Phoenix’s local hip-hop scene. #illfew #iF

To take things up a level I sold my car and opened and operated a recording studio, the Jazzhouse. From there I ran a production service program similar to what LA Fitness is for health and fitness but for musicians, BrokeRichKidz LLC. I would produce audio, visual and website services for artist of many genres in efforts to stimulate the artists culture in Phoenix Arizona and to provide a real home to the team. I invested over $30,000 in the studio, working with Pro Tools, Reason, Logic, Neumann, Digidesign C24, Avalon and other various hardware/software and gear. With that, I have recorded just about every local hip-hop artist in Phoenix. #brokerichkidz

This all strengthened my resume and lead me to working with management company Ferrara Multimedia. I signed on as an artist, however I was awarded stock in the company’s record label and became part of the overall business. I helped run the company’s day to day activity, assisted in branding, marketing, maintaing websites, graphic design, merchandise and product production. #theRRARA is how I branded the company and that hashtag can be found on anything with wifi.


Hashtaglunchbag PHX- In 2013 me and three friends took the initiative to start the Phoenix chapter of this charity organization where we make sack lunches and deliver them to the city’s homeless. Starting with 10 volunteers we now have over 100 per event and make over 400 lunches on average. Along with the lunches we now provide clothing, shoes, blankets, toiletries and whatever else we can muster up for our needy, and on one occasion we put a mother and baby girl in an apartment for a couple months, helped the mom get a job and the family back on their feet. #hashtaglunchbagPHX #theChangeSociety

AZ Hype Foundation- This is a 501c3 organization created by my family over 10 years ago promoting youth basketball and academics. After sending over 30 kids to college we are now partnered with Power Basketball and where are now able to give 122 scholarships per year to our community’s middle school - high school youth to attend any private school of their choice.

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