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Oberlin, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Oberlin, Ohio, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Jazz Neo Soul




"Frisson Album Review"

"Hailing from Oberlin, Ohio Frisson is an 8 piece instrumental Jazz band consisting of members Nathan Rice (Tenor Sax), Michael Orenstein (Keys), Matt DiBiase (Compositions & Vibes), Eli Heath (Bass), Chase Kuesel (Drums), Giveton Gelin (Trumpet), Patrick Graney (Percussion), Russell Gelman-Sheehan (Guitar)… This is different than what we usually post here on IFC, but we are always open to new sounds and supporting any type of Cleveland & Ohio based music. Set to be released on February 1st the Frisson will let the world hear their first self-titled album “Frisson” which will be available on all streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and more!!

We got an exclusive listen into the album and wanted to share some of our thoughts… The project consists of 5 tracks which weave in and out of I guess what would be the classic Jazz sound mixed with some new age advances?? A good example is in the song “Redemption” Michael Orenstein rips a phenomenal keyboard solo which threw me off for a guitar solo at first, but then Russel follows instantaneously to keep the track moving! Each player let’s their instrument speak for itself filling in any type of gap in the song. Theres always a constant driving force in each song that keeps it moving kinda like a train. Each instrument feels like a wheel and the band in a whole is the train (great analogy)!

Overall this is an album that will have any musician or listener inspired and wanting more from the group!! Below we linked a video to the second song on the album “Cortisol.” This will give you an idea of what to expect from the group… Let us know what you think!" - I'm From Cleveland

"Frisson Album Review"

Frisson is a US arithmetical-jazz octet due to release their début eponymous EP on the 1st of February. Having had the opportunity to wander through the five tracks on the EP, I was struck by the starkness of the binary coding through the compositions and the listener is left intrigued by the contrast betwixt the numbers of players and the manner by which Frisson are able to deliver in their ideas, which surface through minuets of duets akin to semaphore flags, containing so much information and consideration.

In similar vein that all digital material, including this article and the rest of the internet which is delivered via binary coding, Frisson slice to ones and zeros in a manner which reconstitutes as comprehensible.

The middle of the five tracks is Churn. - Emerging Indie Bands

"Matt Dibiase’s jazz band, ‘Frisson,’ releasing debut album in February"

"Wellesley native Matt Dibiase is a bouncy vibraphone player. In a video of a live performance by his jazz band Frisson, Dibiase is bobbing up and down from his knees, even when he's just listening. Frisson, his eight-piece jazz band, is playing "Stability Searches," which is about "searching for your identity early on in your college experience," according to Dibiase, who just graduated from Oberlin College and Conservatory.
"That's why you have all these different grooves in the song," he said in a phone interview.

As "Stability Searches" reaches a crescendo, Dibiase charges up to double bounce mode, nearly crossing over to full-on party bopping. His enthusiasm for the piece might be buoyed by the fact that he wrote it. Every part. Dibiase is the band's composer, making him a full-time Frisson spark plug both on and off the stage. And the most exciting part is still to come.

Frisson will be releasing their debut album, "Frisson," on Feb. 1. And as a special treat, they will be showing new music videos of their studio tracks throughout the month of January. The music video for the studio recording of "Stability Searches," is viewable at the top of the page. All of the videos will be viewable as they are released on Frisson's Facebook page at

In 2015, Dibiase reeled in the following Oberlin jazz majors to form Frisson: Ashley Hale (trumpet), Nathan Rice (tenor sax), Russell Gelman Sheehan (guitar), Michael Orenstein (keys), Eli Heath (bass),Chase Kuesel (drums) and Patrick Graney (aux. percussion).

"The major reason I do this is just because I'm inspired by the musicians around me," Dibiase said. "I like collaborating."

Dibiase had known Kuesel for two years before the band formed.

"Chase and I have had a long relationship playing together," he said.

All members have remained except for Hale, who is pursuing a graduate degree at Yale University. She was replaced with Giveton Gelin in May 2016.

Dibiase compared the music's magic to fire, which correlates to the band's name. The word Frisson means "a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill." The band plays jazz fusion music, which incorporates sounds from other genres.

"It incorporates some rock elements," Dibiase said.

Besides performing and composing for Frisson, Dibiase also composes his own electronic music under the name Plexus, produces and mixes other band's albums and conducts research in neuroscience labs investigating how multisensory perception impacts music interpretation. He graduated from Oberlin College and Conservatory with a degree in neuroscience and a degree in music. He also designed a course at Oberlin called Music and the Brain, bridging the gap between two schools. With the course, Dibiase said that he wanted to start a "dialogue between the arts and the sciences."

Right now, Dibiase is doing post-production mixing for one of his friend's big band album. He also entered Frisson to perform in various summer music festivals and is waiting to hear back.

The band's new album will be available for digital download on iTunes and Spotify. Learn more about Frisson and Dibiase at" - Wellesley Wicked


Still working on that hot first release.



Frisson is an eight-piece collective of Oberlin Conservatory graduates that formed in December 2015. Led by composer and vibraphonist Matt DiBiase, Frisson's music crosses genres drawing heavily from jazz, fusion, R&B, rock and electronic music. Performances feature hypnotic, danceable groves, exhilarating improvisation and precise yet soulful arrangements. The band released its self-titled EP in February 2017 and will be completing an extensive tour of the West Coast this summer, including stops in Los Angeles, California (Idyllwild Jazz Festival) and Salt Lake City, Utah (Deer Valley Amphitheater).

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