Fritz's Polka Band

Fritz's Polka Band


Jagermeister-sponsored, Fritz's Polka Band (FPB)performs an eclectic mix of music, and breaks the stereotype regarding "polka" music. In fact, FPB is the only polka band to perform at a Woodstock Festival (Woodstock' 99 in Rome, NY).


Jagermeister-sponsored, Fritz's Polka Band (FPB) was formed in 1978 by lead accordionist, Fred Scherz Sr., and his eight-year old son, Fritz, for whom the band was named. FPB performs an eclectic mix of musical styles, including modern polka, country, fox-trot, waltz, and more! Fritz's Polka Band is NOT an oompa pa band or the stereotypical "polka" band. In fact, FPB is known for breaking the stereotype regarding "polka" music. FPB is the first polka band to perform at a Woodstock Festival!
FPB has made 12 recordings, which have achieved international airplay. Individuals of the band, and the band itself, have received some prestigious honors. As a group, Fritz’s Polka Band has performed on stage with “Canada’s Polka King,” Walter Ostanek (Grammy winner), “America’s Polka King,” the late Frank Yankovic (Grammy winner), LynnMarie Rink (Grammy nominee), and Glen Burtnik. Individually, Fritz has performed on-stage with Steve Augeri (lead singer of Journey). FPB even appears on “The Manchurian Candidate” DVD, from Paramount Pictures!
Additionally, Fritz’s Polka Band has opened up shows for Walt Ostanek, the late Frank Yankovic, Jimmy Sturr (Grammy winner), and BeauSoleil (Grammy winner). Fritz’s Polka Band has played at: Woodstock ‘99, the New York State Fair, regional and county fairs, ethnic events, colleges, concerts, social occasions, corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, and benefits.


2005: "FPB On Tap"
2003: "Jagermeister presents Fritz's Polka Band"
2003: "A Taste of Switzerland"
2001: "The Party Continues"
2000: "The Party's Just Begun"
1999: "Polka With All Your Might!"
1998: "For All Our Friends"
1997: "Can't Get Enough Of Polka Music"
1996: "Give Polka Music A Chance"
1988: "10 Years of Fritz's Polka Band"
1985: 'Frankie's Polka' & 'Happy Birthday Polka' (single)
1982: "Fritz's Polka Band"

Set List

Set list is mixed every gig, including originals and cover tunes. An example of some cover songs would be: 'All Along The Watchtower,' 'For What It's Worth,' 'Tequila Sunrise,' 'Twist & Shout,' 'Memphis,' 'Crying My Heart Out Over You,' 'For The Good Times,' and many, many more. No two shows are the same. We know probably at least 300 to 400 songs (or more), and are always writing new tunes. Set lengths vary by gig. We've done anything from 30 minute gigs to weekend gigs at resorts, that included many different sets.