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Frivolous Avail


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Sunday Morning

Written By: Josh Haygood

There's nothing left of me,nothing left to give
i tried so hard to be but ti's killing me to live
You know I'm a dreamer, It's the hope of hope for me
I would have like to keep her... if I'd kept her from all that she'd seen

(Pre- Chorus)
Every day something slips away
I come a little closer to the scary inside of me
I fall a little further, feel like I'm going under
All along a fairy tale away from being me
Sunday morning it'll be alright
A brand new day and the dawn is in sight
Sunday morning I'll be all that she wanted me to be

(Verse 2)
Today you wonder if this is all
Tomorrow all you had is gone
In the same way Summer leaves then Fall
Makes you wonder dear God what have I done
Yesterday it was just you and me
Nothing but blue sky as far as we could see
Now the sun is setting and I find myself alone
Standing in this river with my sifter and my jewel is gone
But Sunday morning it will be just fine
Brand new way, a song is in mind
Sunday morning I'll be all that you wanted me to be