Los Angeles, California, USA

Frixus is a band from Los Angeles, CA who incorporate a multitude of genres into their music including rock, R&B, raggae, blues and funk. All four band members come from different musical and cultural backgrounds, giving Frixus a very distinct and unique sound.


Frixus first came together in the fall of 2009, when Jamesia Eleven, Peter Byun and Ben Huff began working on original material that would satisfy all of their diverse musical interests. After a few ups and downs with rotating members, in April of 2010 they finally found Rick Trigueros and the rest is history.

Since the summer of 2010, Frixus has played in and around Los Angeles, entertaining crowds at live performances at least twice a month. They released their first six song EP "Star Candy" in early October 2010. The record was completely self-produced and recorded by bassist Ben Huff.

Frixus is a unique band in the Los Angeles scene. It is a rarity to see a group performing such soulful funky tunes in a city that seems so over-saturated with alternative and indie rock. Their eclectic mix of genres and styles sets them apart from all other bands in the city, as well as most other groups across the country.


Star Candy EP (2010)