Frog & Duck

Frog & Duck

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandComedyChildren's Music

FROG & DUCK is a comedic theatrical musical duo for kids with brains. Loves children with attention spans for wacky fun characters, storytelling, and good catchy tunes. Compares to the Muppets, Monty Python, Sesame Street, Dr. Seuss, and other imaginative funny-yet-heartwarming things.


FROG & DUCK is in its infancy, but its husband-and-wife team Ray Brazaski & Jessica Fogle, have been writing songs and plays and songplays for hundreds of years. If you believe in multiple lives. If not, then 30 years. But seriously, they are super funny and good and you want to check them out because they have a cute name and they make kids happy. Frog & Duck met at Child's Play Touring Theatre in 2004, and wrote songs and plays for kids together for 2 years. Previously, Fogle (Duck) had written hundreds of songs as a solo songwriter, and also during her 2 year MFA program at Tisch School of the Arts/NYU (Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program). Brazaski (Frog) has years of extensive theatre experience, and is an ensemble member (actor/writer) w/ Factory Theater in Chicago. He also studied at Loyola University, Columbia College, and ImprovOlympic. FROG & DUCK began as a starving artists' way to make xmas presents for their nephews. They created funny/silly songs for Stevie & Nicholas, and one was called "Frog & Duck". It began as a poem on a post-it note (written by Ray), based on the bath toys in their bathroom. Why, as adults with no kids, did they have bath toys? No reason other than that they looked cute. Sitting on the shelf. The frog and the duck. Together. Anyway, that became one of their favorites songs, and years later it was performed at their wedding (which, by the way, was a duck and frog filled wedding...before the advent of Frog & Duck, the business endeavor, simply because the frog cupcakes at the bakery were cute, and because little hawaiian rubber ducks looked cute across the piano). Currently, FROG & DUCK are enjoying exploring their wacky antics in the studio, and their 18+ track album is almost finished. It is being recorded in WI, at Dr. Disc Studio, and will be mixed and mastered (hopefully) by late fall 2011. If it is currently later than that, and you see no album for sale, please know that true art cannot be rushed, and/or that artists/musicians always run late. Whichever excuse is best for you. Please check out their rough unmastered tracks, as posted here on this sonicbids site, and also check out their webpage! Thanks for listening!!


Introducing Frog & Duck (2012)

Set List

We have very simple needs, to perform in your home/library/school/etc.

We can bring our mics and small amp, and keyboard, or we can use yours. Ideally, we prefer a mix of performing & interacting with the kids. A combination of a show & a theatre workshop.

Original SONGS we PERFORM:
Frog & Duck
The Most Wonderful Frog! (aka No Frog is Perfect)
Rabbits, Do Your Best
Frog Invasion
Turtle Parade

Theatre options:

Writing a song WITH Frog & Duck (*we teach basic songwriting, and collect ideas, and make up a song on the spot)

Acting in a songplay WITH Frog & Duck (*we write a song, or use an existing one, and add a few characters, bringing a few kids up on stage)

Building a story with songs WITH Frog & Duck (we brainstorm a story, and sitution, and create a song, and perform it together).

The longer the event, the more detailed these activities can be. FROG & DUCK has experience w/ 20 minute shows, 2 hour parties, and week-long camps (3 hrs/day