BandHip Hop

In the world of Hip-Hop, the MC with longevity typically contains the ability to be innovative, creative, and original. So when you hear the name FROGG, don't think about the little green thing that croaks in the swamps. Think an MC with the potential to be one of the greatest.


Making it out of Lima, Ohio sucessfully is tough. In fact so tough it's sometimes nicknamed "Lost In Middle America." However, FROGG is destined to change all of that. How? No, not by creating a dance based off of a character. No, not by preaching and bragging about possessions that he may or may not own. But by using the knowledge and resources that he knows. After listening to Common's "Be", FROGG becamed so influenced by that album he decided to pursue Hip-Hop as dream rather than a hobby. And a major goal of this dream is to put Southside Lima on the map.


The Innovation Pt. 1 (Mixtape, 2009)

The innovation Pt. 2 (Mixtape, 2009)