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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Shmat Records Review"

Frogger Phrampton
Disco Girl

Frogger Phrampton is Mark, Asif and Jessica. Frogger Phrampton plays strange lo-fi semi-electronica with enough reverb on the vocals to make Galaxie 500 producer Kramer blush. Frogger Phrampton is a new type of lime flavored soda. Frogger Phrampton cannot be found in google just yet (not yet but just you wait after this review has been up for a week). Frogger Phrampton is a cross between Peter Frampton and the video game Frogger. Frogger Phrampton hails from Miami. Frogger Phrampton is an interstellar virus. All of these statements may or may not true... and you won't know if I'm pulling the wool over your eyes because there isn't any info yet on this kinda interesting CD-R I got in the mail, other than a contact email.

The voice, kinda Field Mice and Mark Kozelek. And strangely a bit like Jhohn from Elliott the Letter Ostrich. Has that wiggly lightheaded feel to it... and is that a girl or guy singing? The music ranges from shoegazey to acoustic strumming. The songs, mellow and depressed. Pick one. The songs are interesting, not revolutionary. But I dig it. I don't know the titles of any of the tracks, they aren't written down anywher. 8 tracks on this CD-R. Nice tunes.

- review by SHORTY (2.1.04)

- Shorty


The single, Disco Girl was released by Shuteye records in 2004 on Buzzlighter 7. It receives radio play from: WVUM (Miami, FL), WRPG (Miami, FL), WSBF (Clemson, SC), WBER (Penfield, NY), WEFT (East Central Illinios), KZSU (Stanford), WARC (Allegheny), WMUA, (University of Massachusetts), WRUW, WEFT (East Central Illinois), Camden Country College (Blackwood, NJ), WNRN (Charlottesville, VA) and many more!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Frogger Phrampton has blossomed as the aftermath of a previous band, Paces Fainted that Mark Rex Latta had founded and fronted in 2001, but in late 2003 took new form with its new lineup heavily influenced by Mike Driver brother of former Paces Fainted drummer. Frogger Phrampton has set out to push its own boundaries by expanding its arsenal of musical instruments as a key component to leaving the past and forging into the future. The emphasis is on modern sonic beauty in a realistic fashion without loosing the intimacy that makes music worth listening to. The band’s sound stems from melodic guitars and driving basses mixed with modern electro components influenced by the 80’s decade. Frogger Phrampton, as a name, is based on the fact that both words are linked to small, but important technical ‘glitches’ that have moved certain aspects of art and entertainment forward. The majority of the writing comes from Mark Rex Latta and Mike Driver’s close understanding and deep musical connection, coupled with a combined vision of the future of Frogger Phrampton.
In 2004, Frogger Phrampton was included in a compilation by the Atlanta based label, Shut Eye Records, known as Buzzlighter Seven. The song has been given airplay in college radio stations all over the nation, including South Florida’s own UM radio station WVUM 90.5 FM. Soon after, Linda V. Ferrer (Tulip) was added to the line up to further facilitate the band for on stage purposes, adding her own opinions and occasional vocal support. She has added fever and a new depth and perspective to the band’s overall sound and creativity. The future of Frogger Phrampton is to spawn its own contribution to the inevitable progression of music.