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HESSY 1999
Played on several Atlanta, Pittsburgh major radio stations during local shows

from the album HESSY

from the album CONTAGIOUS

from the album CONTAGIOUS



Froglodge is a powerhouse rock foursome loaded with talent, determination, professionalism, and approachability. With their roots firmly planted in the blue-collar mining town of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania"where everyone's mom is a nurse or a teacher and everyone's dad mines coal", Froglodge forged a new metal-a hard-hitting, raw gutsy rock that stood alone in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.
Froglodge was founded in 1995 by childhood friends Neil Shannon, 28, and Dave McCollum 28. At the time Dave was living in Atlanta and Neil was attending a college in Pennsylvania. After a year of mailing ideas for songs, both moved back to their hometown of Waynesburg to start a band. After years of success playing up and down the North East it was time for a change. Following their instincts, they uprooted and moved to Atlanta in 2001 in order to explore other venues and expand their fan base. All who encounter Froglodge know that their talent propels them. Their greatest strengths are their sound, their performances, and their power. From mainstream to modern rock, Froglodge captivates their listeners with strong vocals and guitar-driven melodies. Froglodge ignites each venue with its hard-hitting new-rock by delivering meaningful lyrics, hypnotizing hooks, with an amazingly approachable stage presence. Using their dogged determination, Froglodge independently released two albums: HESSY (2000) and their latest, CONTAGIOUS (2004). In Fact, the latter was written, produced, engineered, and published by the band in the recording studio they built in Dave's home. Froglodge wields all this power and strength with great professionalism. "We believe the best thing we can do as a band, besides knocking a hole into the wall with our sound, is run a tight show," said Neil. "Everything we do, from the moment we check in with the sound tech to the minute we leave the parking lot, is smooth and on target...and hopefully just right." "And we're never late," echoed Dave. "Promoters, managers, and technicians are often surprised when we arrive early, ready to work." But it always comes back to their music, and it's there, on the stage, where Froglodge is at their best. "I can't imagine doing anything else for a living," said Charlie. To hear their music is to be captivated by a sound that is solid, unified, and forceful. It's what Froglodge is all about: power, strength, and professionalism. What's more is they're approachable. They mingle and hang around realizing that without their fans, they could not exist. Froglodge knows how to show respect and to relate personally with their fans and the management. "especially the sound tech, " says Roy. Dave agrees: " We don't just walk in, do our thing, and leave. We perform as a part of a whole, as a part of the whole experience. If we don't connect with each person in the room, well, we didn't do our job, and that's just not acceptable." Froglodge's inviting presence on and off stage marks them as something extraordinary. Froglodge doesn't sit still for long. Not only do they keep busy writing, practicing, and performing, but they also aggressively seek to expand and diversify their fan base. Launching street teams, interacting personally with fans at venues and via the internet, and performing anywhere to any audience, Froglodge works hard to grow exponentially. Atlanta has discovered they are a force to be reckoned with. Talent, strength, professionalism, approachability. It all adds up to 4--four amazing musicians from a coal-mining town determined to make an impact in today's rock scene.

Opened for international recording artists WARRANT, RATT, & MOLLY HATCHET
- Finalist at the Sweetwater Showdown - Duluth, Ga
- Finalist in C.J.'s Landing 99x Battle of the Bands - Atlanta, Ga
- First place in Rain Day Battle of the bands - Waynesburg, Pa
- First place in Jacktown Fair Battle of the bands - Jacktown, PA