Frog One

Frog One

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Stickin to my guns like KRS-1!Common! Talib!Mos Def!The Roots! Get My Drift! (RIP JAY DILLA) My music is gonna make you think!


Frog One (Freedom Rules Over Government), birth name Juan Ellis, is what you get when you combine a revolutionary, hold-no-punches attitude with a genuine love for music. With his label, Rebel's Peak, Inc., he hopes to bring the focus of music back to Who can make you think? Who can play live instruments? Who is a truly good vocalist or great MC?
Frog One is by far a multi-talent and he maintains his independence and creativity even through the pressure from the public.
As a producer/vocalist/mc/musician/business man, Frog One plans to mix the demands of today's mainstream music with his own unique style to help change the face of music, especially Hip Hop!


Albums: Here Me Now, Distinction, 4 the More Eclectic, E.T.A. (Pros & Cons), Will Rap 4 Food
Radio Play: "Feel Me" ft. Sy Smith (KCRW)
Licensing: "Blah Blah" Tony Hawk Underground video game

Set List

30-60min sets