The musical features of our band are Japanese identity based on the influence of UK rock and punk with the melody of alternative music.


Originally from Japan, FROGPILOT was formed in 1997. They released some albums in Japan. After the success of their album tour, FROGPILOT decided to try and introduce their music to North America. They moved to Toronto, Canada in April 2003 and immediately began playing out weekly on the Toronto band circuit. FROGPILOT is still currently playing in the Toronto indie scene on a regular basis and is waiting patiently for their big break.


Soul king

Written By: Satoshi

I?fll never find the way to fade away.
I need no prediction of the end.
I?fm just going ahead to lead the way.
To never make myself all dumb.

With meaning you tell me to turn around.
I?fm fed up with your face and talk.
I know I lost things by design.?@I need to keep my own faith.

Yeah ! I?fm kicking my soul.
I?fm kicking my soul.?@I?fm kicking myself.
So I can reach where I?fm gonna beat my fate.
It leads me to where I?fm gonna beat my fate.

I?fll never find the way to fade away.
Don?ft be fragile. Don?ft waste yourself.
Now I wake you up. You make your way.
Never make myself all dumb.

Chain addiction

Written By: Satoshi

?gShe?fs not smart.?h I heard some guy said.
I hope he?fll never see her.
If she wasn?ft there, she would be someone else.
Don?ft pride yourself upon your luck.

She doesn?ft need any help because she?fs not in misery.
I wanna set her free from her cage, but she?fs not in the prison.

She loves straits in a big ward.
Drives nuts away.
She?fs not aware of her big losses.
Her world raised her mind.
Never mind the ways of your world.


2002?@Various artist?@?uWhat?fs up Theopheric?vTheopheric records
2001?@FULL ALBUM?@?uA VERSE AGAINST?c?v Warped trap.9.14 1st Full album
2000?@V.A?uMovie sound track?gGlow?h?v
2000?@MINI ALBUM?ucause something in a row?vKnockers Records
1998?@MINI ALBUM?uUgly Bloke?v

Set List

1 Take me to the world 2 Wasted 3 A call 4 Dancing 5 Message from hell 6 Gods' sake 7 Oh yeah ! 8 Chain addiction 9 Soul king

30 - 45 min