Englewood, Colorado, USA

"From the first note to the last, Frokus has been known for their innate ability to keep the rhythm smooth and infectious. Truly one of the last "live" bands still in existence, they strive to make their shows an experience you'll wanna see again and again.


It began innocently enough: a couple of long time friends living in Bay City, Michigan coming over after school to bang away on their instruments. First there was Samual Strudgeon, who began drumming on pots and pans and card board boxes before he was old enough to walk. With over 10 years of drumming under his belt, he was able to show all varieties of chops.

And then there was Joseph Gillard. In just under a year, he had forced those coaching him on guitar to wonder what else there is that he hasn't already mastered.

Citing his main influences as Les Caypool and Flea, Codi Deshano, a life-long friend of Joe's, proved himself capable of amazing any listener with his bass riffs since he first picked up the instrument. The two quickly formed into an incredible duo and rapidly gained a reputation as musical prodigies.

With the addition of new management, the guys buckled down and set up auditions to find the next set of vocal chords that would lead the group. Through tireless auditions and interviews, the guys met many great musicians and performers, but none seemed to fit the profile to the exact specifications.

It almost seemed hopeless, until the guys came across an ad on for a singer with a “sultry voice”. Instantly the ad drew the attention of the guys, and they immediately called up Hannah Hall to come by and audition. That night she showed that her description of a “sultry voiced diva” wasn’t just empty words. That instant connection that the guys had been looking for was back, and they once again found their new voice. Their new front WOMAN was now Hannah Hall!

We're Frokus, and we're here to blow your mind. We love what we do. We love to make people move. It's what we do best... we do it so well; in fact, I believe we're made to do it. Our destiny is to rock in our own funky way


Funk Rock US - 2008
Fine China - 2009
Funky Footed Creature - 2011

Set List

01. It All Starts With The Funk
02. I'm A
03. Otherside (Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover)
04. Ship of Stone
05. Devil At Large
06. Dirty Little Secrets
07. Feeliin' Alright (Joe Cocker Cover)
08. Don't Fight The Power
09. Funk Rock Us
10. How Would You Feel
11. Plush (Stone Temple Pilots Cover)
12. Funky Footed Creature
13. Untitled
14. Fighter
15. Mars Attacks Mind
16. Son Of A Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield Cover)
17. Rapture
18. Ripples
19. Funkwheed
20. D Wiggle In The Key of C
21. What You Know About the Funk
22. Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder Cover)