From Adam to Atom

From Adam to Atom


It's our catchy songs that get stuck in your head and our writing ability that will get your attention, and it's our live performance that will keep you coming back.


AP Magazine's Almost Famous contest Semi-Finalist, and Zippo Hot Tour 2006 Semi-Finalist.

In June of 2005, Adrian Snyder and Mike Thornhill came together for one purpose, to rock, and rock they did. They began writing songs and honing their skills to deliver the music to the masses. Adrian, an already accomplished songwriter and studio vocalist, and Mike, a Chicago native freshly relocated here in Florida, began working on what would become From Adam to Atom (FATA). The search for more musicians commenced, several tried, none were picked, the search continued. The guys solidified the rhythm section by adding Andy Wambach on drums, fresh off his 3 year stint with MCA recording artists Ask Me Later, Andy was a perfect fit. The lead guitar position was filled shortly thereafter by Philly native Justin Goldman. Bringing a new dynamic to FATA's sound, Justin was a verified shredder, and continues to seperate the sound from other generic rock bands. The music FATA creates is a mixture, a melting pot if you will, of several genres. Not wanting to be limited by labels, FATA considers themselves a fresh combination of rock, pop, punk and an occasional tribute to metal. The factor that seperates FATA from other artists is their writing, the songs are easily relatable to anyones life, and it is evident that honesty prevails in their music. The live show is not something to be missed, they pride themselves on performing at their peak any and every time they step on stage. FATA has signed with Midair records, and their full length debut album "Rebuilding the City" is being released April 06. The future holds great things for From Adam to Atom, continuing to play locally and abroad, plan on seeing alot more of this band.


EP - We Slept With Your Girlfriend..... No Really (2005)
Full Length - Rebuilding the City (2006)
We are spun on several florida college stations, and have also been played on Orlando's 101.1.

Set List

We usually play sets from 30min-1 hour. Ranging from 7 songs to 10 or so.. All depends of the venue.
Here is an average set list:
1. All Your Roses
2. Over and Done
3. Tame
4. We'll Leave Tomorrow
5. My Evil Addiction
6. Midwest Envy
7. Don't Turn Away
8. Turn Me On
9. Tonight You Drink Alone