From A Lacerated Sky

From A Lacerated Sky


FALS are 5 hardworking musicians that are fueled by thier love of metal and hardcore and all things alike. If you talk to anyone they'll tell you that they are in this for the long run.


From A Lacerated Sky hail from Brooklyn, New York. The band was formed in late 2006 by Anthony and John after departing another band they were in. Tom joined the mix originally as the singer but would be asked to play guitar. Jesse was brought in on Bass around the same time Tom made the jump to guitar and after going through 3 vocalists. FALS finally find the match for thier music with Luis. Ever since FALS have hit the NYC local scene they have built themselves a reputation of leaving everything they have on the stage. Wheather its playing in front of 5 people or 100 people. FALS take a great sense of pride in the music that they make and take it very seriously. With the purchase of a van in the works so they can start to tour and nearing completion of thier first EP. FALS are prepared to take the next step in thier music career and try to make themselves more than just a local band. For FALS its not about the money its just about having passion for what you do in your life.


From A Lacerated Sky are currently finishing thier first self titled EP which will contain 5 songs.

1. I Started a Fight Club
2. Vultureface
3. 55 Bells Will Chime
4. Blunt Force Trauma
5. Give Us This Day

The EP will be released DIY at the beginning of 2008. Sometime in the spring/early summer FALS will go back into the studio to record thier first Full Length cd expected to be 8-10 songs.

Set List

From A Lacerated Sky always step up thier game when you see them play live. For FALS the live performance is everything. Thier fast, aggressive. Yet often heavy and brutal mix of metal and hardcore clearly shine through when you see them live. Typically they'll start off the set with something agressive to get everybody moving. FALS pride themselves on the ability of kids being able to dance and have fun at thier shows. Most of the time its a revolving setlist but typically it would go something like this.

1. Give Us This Day
2. A new song (expected on the Full Length)
3. Blunt Force Trauma
4. A new song (expected on the Full Length)
5. Vultureface
6. A new song (expected on the Full Length)
7. I Started A Fight Club

As FALS continue to write new material the songs from the EP will be cut so the new material can be heard.