From A Tyrant

From A Tyrant


We are a metal band driven by hard rhythms and intense guitar and vocals, we are willing to play infront of any number of people as we are simply passionate about the music. We like to bring back the ruckus and are very reasonable people that are willing to rock any venue... :)


Formed in late 2008, From A Tyrant is a metal band located in Clinton, Ontario, Canada. FAT (from a tyrant) formed after former A Picture So Graphic members, Stevie (the sex) Smith (Bass) and Andy Bolzenthal (Guitar) got together with Ty Searle (Drums). Ty has been well-known in the local area for various bar shows performing with a wide variety of acts that included anything from acoustic guitar acts to rap shows and everything in between. The three members quickly recruited vocalist, Jordyn (Syn) Durnin, as their front man, citing Searle as a reference to his vocal ability and song-writing skills. Durnin hung up his bass and left his position in his former band Minor Key Symphony (which also included Searle on drums) to pursue his new vocal ambition with From A Tyrant. Smith and Bolzenthal have been long-standing pillars in the local music scene and they're newest project promises to be their most impactful mark on the scene to date. Combining Durnin's lyrical creations with Bolzenthal's relentless guitar riffs and Searle and Smith's pounding rhythm section, From A Tyrant will be bringing the ruckus for years to come.

From A Tyrant recently entered Dig Studios to start recording their Ep with Recording Engineer, Rob McKercher, the Ep is projected to finish production by early fall, 2009.
From A Tyrant is a fun-loving, easy-going, band that love to bring a lot of passion and stage presence in their performances, they love getting the crowd involved and enjoying themselves. From a Tyrant is highly dedicated and motivated and would love to play any venue at any time.



Written By: From A Tyrant

One day you'll remember
Our lives before this night
I won't be here waiting
You pushed me, stop debating
And now your broken record
Has spun out of control
And now your life is reeling into Something you won't know

Don't call, I won't be there
Don't write, burn the letters
I can only be forgiving for so long
Before I
Lose it, break your being
Blood shed, ears are ringing
I'll take you down before my fall

I can't hide my anger
From you any longer
I've been hiding for so long
And now I can't wait til you

Do you remember what it was like
on your fucking knees?

Do you remember life on your knees?
do you remember blood no one sees?


"Choke" Single
Currently working on writing and recording the "F.A.T" E.P

Set List

Sugar We're Going Down - Cover/Metal Medley
Burn Me Down - Original
Straight Jacket - Original
Yellow Signs - Original
Choke - Original
Don't Trust Me - Cover

Sets usually run about 20-30 minutes, we are very willing to adapt to different lengths of time for our set. We are always writing new songs and can fill