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"From Beginning to End - In the Beginning"

From Beginning to End started out life in 2004 under the name Whosoever Will but due to changes within the band changed to their current name.
The band has opened for such major acts as, The Myriad, Cool Hand Luke, Stavesacre, Hawthorne Heights, Amber Pacific, Glasseater, Days Like These, The Wedding, Kids in the Way, and Forever Changed.
The band doesn't limit their playing though to only the big venues; they're willing to go wherever God opens a door.
This band's music is all about following God's plan. Their philosophy is "(the band) ...exists to be what God desires it to be. After all, if God is not in what is going on, then it might as well not go on at all."
On this release the band mixes both high energy and melodic songs. The songs are guitar driven and also offer up strong drum work. The vocals are both singing and screamo ringing out each song's lyrics.
You'll also find the piano instrumental track, "In The Beginning" about half way through the CD. With its soothing sound it acts almost like a sorbet cleansing the musical palette preparing it for the second half of this musical adventure.
The songs on this release deal with subjects like, trusting God in the tough times, backsliding, hidden sin, forgiveness, pride and salvation.
Again Wounded Records has found a very talented band that has the proper prospective putting God first in their music.
Do yourself a favor and get this release from the band. -

"From Beginning to End - In the Beginning"

From Beginning To End is a very fascinating band. They are a uniquely combined blend of metal, scream-o, electronica, and rock that somehow all fuses together to form a memorable listen.
"Rain Down" and "Pour Out" sound like something from Kids in the Way or System of A Down, with a lot of screaming and blazing guitars.
"Guaranteed" begins with a drum machine/synthesizer loop that calls to mind The Postal Service or some of the songs on MuteMath's debut album.
"Tears Revisited" begins with a guitar solo that would sound at home on any Foo Fighters album, and then segues into a screamed verse followed by a sung chorus.
Then there is the title track, which is a piano ballad that is exclusively instrumental. That's right, no vocals at all. It is a simply orchestrated two-and-a-half minute song that will have listeners believing they've just popped in the new Jim Brickman CD.
"The Elevation" sounds like a long lost Radiohead song from The Bends era. A softly, punctuated piano solo gets boosted by some drums, and then an all out crunchy guitar riff, as lead singer Dale Vaughn growls "Please don't let me go!" This is a song that should be on people's list of best rock songs of 2007 at years end.
"Better Than Before/Here Today/Gone Tomorrow" sounds like a Jimmy Eat World song built around a repeated guitar riff that is aided by some very loud drums.
"Free" is the song that probably finds this best giving their best System of a Down impression. It is an all out metal song from start to finish. Everything from metal like guitar and drum work, to the screaming vocals, make this song one that would sound at home on MTV2's "Headbangers Ball."
There will be something for any fan of modern rock and roll here. These guys are talented musicians, and are definitely a band to keep an eye on for years to come. -

"From Beginning to End - In the Beginning"

If you're looking for a really fresh sounding band then let me suggest From Beginning To End
and their latest release "In The Beginning". From Beginning To End definately prove they
are a very talented and diverse band. By diverse I mean that they throw so many different music styles into the mix which in my estimation not only makes them diverse but etremely unique. A prime example of this diversity is on the very first track of the Cd "Guaranteed"
which starts out sounding like a Starflyer 59 clone and ends up delving into some hardcore
territory with screams and intensity abound. From the pure hardcore of "Poured Out" and "Free" to the modern rock sounds of "Here We Are" and the piano laden instrumental "In The Beginning" these guys show they can bring it full tilt no matter what the style. I suppose the best thing to do is not try to lump From Beginning To End into any category and just enjoy whatever style they choose to present. These guys are all about worshiping Jesus Christ as
their Lord and Savior and are not ashamed to show this with their unabashed lyrical content.
In my opinion Wounded Records has got a real gem in From Beginning To End and I think
they have what it takes to go far. - Christian xtreme


From Beginning to End - In The Beginning (Wounded Records '07)

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Since forming in early 2006, From Beginning to End has hit the ground running. They've kept themselves on the road, as much as possible, while finding time to continue writing songs full of energy and true to their faith. From opening for national acts to playing small, more informal venues, From Beginning to End has shown their willingness to go wherever the door opens. The band is beginning to see the fruit of their efforts, as they were signed by Wounded Records in late '06. "In the Beginning," the band's first full-length album, debuted in April' 07, and was welcomed with raving reviews. They continue to gain momentum as they build their fan base wherever they go. From Beginning to End exists to be what God wants it to be. With that perspective, anything is possbile.