From Beginning to End

From Beginning to End


FBTE's music is high energy, emotion filled, and very melodic. From melodic riffs to soring harmonies, FBTE's music is sure to raise your spirits, keep you body moving, and give memorable melodies that you will not quickly forget.


Since forming in early 2006, From Beginning to End has hit the ground running. They've kept themselves on the road, as much as possible, while finding time to continue writing songs full of energy and true to their faith. From opening for national acts to playing small, more informal venues, From Beginning to End has shown their willingness to go wherever the door opens. The band is beginning to see the fruit of their efforts, as they were signed by Wounded Records in late '06. "In the Beginning," the band's first full-length album, debuted in April' 07, and was welcomed with raving reviews. They continue to gain momentum as they build their fan base wherever they go. From Beginning to End exists to be what God wants it to be. With that perspective, anything is possbile.


Rain Down

Written By: From Beginning To End

The ground is cracked and dry
When will it rain
Can you feel my hunger
Can you feel my pain

Rain Down
Pour Down
From Your throne
Upon my soul

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Written By: From Beginning To End

Standing on top of the world
I thought I had it all
How quickly I did learn
Pride comes before a fall

When it all comes down
Without a sound
Like a thief in the night

On the edge of eternity
I've found my perfect peace
Standing up above it all
Will you hear the call

Here today, gone tomorrow
Eternal life or eternal sorrow


Written By: From Beginning To End

In You all thing hold together
Before time You were
And will be forever

With you hands
You sculpted the mountains
With you breath
You brought us into being

With one touch of your glory
This world that holds me
It falls away
It's stripped away
With one touch of your glory
This world that holds me
It falls away
It's stripped away

In You darkness has to hide
From the light coming
from the inside

With Your strength
You established the heavens
With Your love
We have forgiveness


From Beginning to End - In The Beginning (Wounded Records '07)

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Set List

Our typical set is about 45 min to an hour. We have the ability to play 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours if need be. All songs are original tunes. We are a touring band so all of our stuff is original and we have CDs to support our songs.

Rain Down
Get Back, Get Away
Chosen Ones
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Poured Out
Tears Revisited
Strip it All Away
Blood Stained Hands