From Deaths Wings

From Deaths Wings


an explosive mix of technical riffs, dark vocals, and thunderous drums a perfect combination for any metal head


From Death's Wings is an explosive metal quintet. Each member brings ideas, and they write around those ideas. As a 3 piece, Perry, Travis, and Fred played music together for several years. Vocalist was something that the band was looking for, even though Travis was doing the vocals at that time. After several tryouts for vocalist David responded to an add for a band named "Hostile". The styles of these 4 musicians would be a good blend. After a while the band wanted to add a 5th member. Jon would come along and do a great job for a while, and after a couple of shows, the band decided to look for another member, and Augman fit the profile of what the band needed as a member. Let the writing begin you will be seeing more of this band


we have a demo posted now check out the audio section

Set List

1. Armed for War 2. My vengeance 3. Blurred excistance 4. Stability 5. Bleeding Eyes 6. Blind for Eternity 7. Words of the false prophet 8. March 9. A Song for Jesse and a few more