From Exile

From Exile

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

From Exile is a progressive/experimental metal band from Atlanta, GA. Using extended song structures and dynamic instrumentalism, the band's music is an attempt to defy conventional perceptions of metal; it is not a matter of simple brutality but epic magnitude.


From Exile's unique brand of metal combines elements of progressive rock and thrash. Since the recording and independent release of their debut full-length Crushing Reality in 2006 with Anthony Stubelek (Circle Takes the Square), audiences have been consistently overwhelmed with From Exile's intensely dynamic live show. Defying traditional expectations of what a metal band can be, From Exile attracts a variety of different types of listeners through a combination of their unique composition, unyielding instrumentals and epic vocals. The band's philosophy on art and music truly goes beyond the normal scope of your average DIY aesthetic: From Exile periodically releases live tracks, personal demos, and home video recordings in an attempt to present the fan every angle at understanding the central musical ideas performed. From Exile's unique visual show describes the storyline of their epic debut as the band's experimental take on metal rips the audience through an immersive journey. Witnesses to the spectacle never are disappointed. The band is currently recording their follow-up, due in March 08.


Self titled EP (2003)
"Crushing Reality" (September 2006)
Radio airplay at WREK 91.1 FM (regular rotation)
and at WUOG 90.5 FM
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Set List

Soliloquy of Death
Crushing Reality
Product of Sin