From Far Apart

From Far Apart


From Far Apart brings you powerful music with emotional and moving lyrics. The music will pull you in and keep you there, where the lyrics will move you, lift you, relate to your life, or at least make you think. Whether you listen to FFA at home or see the live show you won't be disappointed.


“Music is not a hobby. Music is a way of life, our way of life.”

From Far Apart consists of Justin Tugwood and Neil Chamberlain, friends since childhood, who grew up in Northern Ontario. Richard Bradley, moved from Newfoundland to Sudbury, Ontario, where he met, and joined with Neil and Justin to form the rapidly growing From Far Apart. Their original blend of Pop and Rock brings together unique melodies and beautiful harmonies which are written with the sole purpose to evoke all emotions, and if nothing else, purely entertain.

Justin and Neil have been friends since 1990 as they grew up in Northern Ontario. They began performing and writing music together in 1998 and have stuck together since. After moving to a number of cities in Ontario and Alberta, they relocate to Sudbury, ON in 2006 where they met their drummer, Richard. The trio became friends and soon after decided to take their music to the next level as a band. The group is constantly writing new music with material for a new album ready to follow up their debut album “Livid” which was released in Sudbury, in September of 2007. They have been writing their original music as a three piece, while using session bassists for live shows and recording for over a year. Finally in January of 2008 they picked up a full time bassist. Keith Johnson, another of Neil and Justin’s hometown friends, filled in for a few shows and from there decided he would take the job full time.

For these four guys, music has become their career. This is the beginning of a life on the road and in the studio, as musicians, and more importantly as From Far Apart.

“We are just a few ordinary people who share a common passion for music, just trying to make a place for ourselves in this world. We have tremendous respect for the amazing musicians who made music what it is today. Our hope is that we can produce music that would make those artists proud. We strive to write songs and create our art, in a matter that can illuminate emotions and excite the soul of our audience.”


Lost Inside

Written By: Justin Tugwood & Neil Chamberlain

Something’s started tonight
It's building up inside
I want to feel alive
It still hurts inside

I've lost my mind
And I cut my life

And now I'm bleeding
Can't explain the feeling
No one can see this
Please help me realize
I'm lost inside
And I've lost my mind

Blinded by the light
This could be any night
I'm holding on despite
Wanting to cut my life

All Paid Up

Written By: Justin Tugwood & Neil Chamberlain

I’m all paid up
But I’m still trying
This is the last time
You’ll ever see me cry
I’ve got my life back
And I’m still alive
Things will be different next time
I’ll handle things right

Nothing in this life’s free
Heartbreak never comes easy
I’m not a cheater, maybe I should be
I’ve got bad luck, that’s just me

Sometimes I sit back and realize
There’s so many lies
So many times
So many different people go by
Do you realize; do you realize


Written By: Justin Tugwood

Can't you wait until tomorrow?
Before you tear us apart
Can't you wait another day?
Before you rip my heart out

And I know that it's been hard
But it feels like we've come so far
The problems seem to always come and go
Unfixable, yes but why go

Because I'm afraid of change
Nothing ever goes my way
Nothing that I do or say
Could change my world today

Can't you wait until tomorrow?
Before you tear us apart
Can't you wait another day?
Before you rip my heart out


Livid (2007)

Set List

Our set lists depend on the venue, and whether or not it is a cover venue, an original venue, or a mixed venue. Nights can consist of 3-4 sets ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the venues standards.

Below is a list of some, but not all, of our originals that we can do in a night.

1. All Paid Up
2. Divided
3. Born Again
4. It Gets Worse
5. Lost Inside
6. No Remorse
7. Running Towards
8. Your Smile
9. As It Stands
10. Break From You
11. Last Song For You
12. O.K.A.Y
13. Thunder and the Rain
14. In Response To
15. Forget About This
16. I Won’t Be Alone
17. I Only Want
18. Dear Friend

Below is an example of some, but not all, of the covers we generally do on a night.

1. The Black Crows- Hard To Handle
2. Aerosmith- Sweet Emotion
3. Neil Young- Rocking in the Free World
4. BTO- Taking Care of Business
5. Weezer- Beverly Hills
6. Jimmy Eat World- The Middle
7. Blue Rodeo- Lost Together
8. Green Day- When I Come Around
9. J