From Guts To Glory

From Guts To Glory

 Pearland, Texas, USA

An aggressive alternative rock and roll sound combined with a high energy stage show. Rooted in southern rock exploring alternative music.


A room on the third floor in an old beat up four story warehouse in a shady part of downtown Houston had been rented out. This is where brothers Drew Thomas (1st guitar/back up vocals), Aaron Thomas (percussion), and Matt Fogarty (bass) would begin writing.

Since they couldn’t afford it on there own they split the room with another group of guys. Without a singer and a second lead guitar, things didn’t go as smoothly as anticipated. Playing big shows, touring, or even recording seemed like more of a far fetched expensive dream than a reality. After a month or so while waiting on their turn to use the room, it didn’t take long for the trio to notice the voice piercing through the stammering noises coming from “their practice space.” His name was Jeremy Feller; he didn’t talk much so no one really knew him, just more of acquaintances with everyone because they were sharing a practice space with one another. After a short meeting the decision was made to offer him a spot in the group.

One Sunday night, From Guts to Glory was breaking down gear after a huge show. An excited fan ran up on stage wide eyed, possibly drunk (we'll never know) and said. “You guys need a second guitarist.” This was true, they did need a second guitarist. The decision was made to have him come to the studio and try out the following night. It didn’t take long for him to impress the guys. They were writing new stuff within hours of officially meeting him. His name is Matthew Rodriguez (2nd guitar). With Matt and Drew on guitar, dueling leads and a bigger stage show were just the beginning. With an exclusive aggressive alternative rock and roll sound and a high energy stage show, From Guts to Glory is here.