From Here Down

From Here Down


From Here Down is a tasteful mix of pop and metal, With a live show that will captivate anyone in the audience and leave them wanting more!


From Here Down are quickly emerging as a band that won’t stop till they are at the top and won’t take no for an answer. Combining radio-friendly pop melodies with hard-hitting driving rhythms, they strive to accommodate a wide range of musical tastes, appealing to the young radio crowd and the mosh-pit fanatics equally


From Here Down (EP) (2010)
Words Only Go So Far (single)
Beneath The Surface (EP/Digital Download)

Set List

45 min can do more or less
*Words only go so far
*As i look upon the sky
*What a difference breathing makes
*With such poise
*My last breath
*We've only just begun
*Beneath the surface

We do random covers depending of current pop charts we have done some of the following artists
Miley Cyrus
Lady GaGa