From Mouth To Mouth

From Mouth To Mouth


From mouth to mouth - the re(-)sounding songs of three prominent young Hungarian vocalists (Szilvia Bognar, Agnes Herczku, Agi Szaloki) baring and sharing their hearts,backed by a tight 5-piece band of leading world, folk and jazz musicians featuring Nikola Parov.


Folk songs are transmitted from mouth to mouth, and while each follows its own course they change shape, become clearer and grow more beautiful on the lips of generations of singers.
The three female vocalists featured here also acquired many of the tricks of their trade in this way, often learning from one another as well - they received and passed on various techniques and treasures from mouth to mouth. Their initial respect towards one another's work at first developed into friendship, then a professional "alliance" as they increasingly performed together at different concerts and collaborated on various projects. For example, at the invitation of Zoltan Krulik from Makam and also Nikola Parov they first sang in duos and later in trios, for a while even appearing as a quartet - a quartet since Bea Palya can be regarded as a partner in their association as well, indeed, she was also present at the birth of this venture.
Fired with enthusiasm by the successes of their collaborations they decided to independently initiate a common production. A performance in which their individual female characters and their personal musical experiences embellish and complement each other, the three characteristic vocals supporting each other in giving voice to some of our region's treasure of folk songs.

Perhaps the greatest musical surprises of recent years have been those musical experiments which approach the most beautiful songs of the treasure of Hungarian folk music in an unexpected way, that is, not with the accompaniments of authentic folk music, but rather within quite different musical environment. As a result, many musical phenomena have been accepted which might earlier have seemed inconceivable. Now we know that folk songs can be accompanied just as wonderfully by a stylishly composed jazz arrangement, in a similar way to world music, which gains inspiration from the instrumental traditions of other peoples and places emphasis on their spiritual affinity. The new album 'From Mouth to Mouth' (FolkEuropa) is sure to attract attention both in Hungary and further afield and bring yet more success to all those involved in the project.

Szilvia BOGNAR
She was 'simply' led towards her singing career by a series of encounters, significant events and experiences. She started singing as a member of Vasi Nepdalstudio, then with Boglya Ensemble. She was still young when she began singing with the newly formed Anima Sound System, while at the same time she toured through the country as a member of Vandor Vokal (Wandering Vocal) performing polyphonic songs of different ethnicities. The four years spent working together with Makam propagating the amalgam of different musical styles and folk music also opened exciting musical perspectives for her.
Today she presents herself as a soloist in the folk music world of her homeland, and she is a guest singer with the Hungarian Folk Ensemble and with different folk bands. She often receives invitations from the eminent representatives of the genre of sung verses, such as Sebo Band. Being interested in old music styles, she has also worked together with lute artist Istvan Konya. As well as her performances with her own world music formation we can also hear her as the soloist of Etnofon Musical Association.
During the recording of the album "Hungarian Folk Poetry" she was invited to sing together with Marta Sebestyen, who, as her 'musical mother', also contributed to Szilvia’s solo album "Song preserves the Heartbeat of Time" in 2006. Among her performances abroad the most significant is her collaboration with the Flemish band Kadril. She won the title of "Young Master of Folk Arts" when just18, the Performers' Prize of Artisjus in 2004, and the eMeRTon Prize from Hungarian Radio in the category 'Folk Singer of the Year'.

"Throughout ten years of amateur jazz ballet, one year of folk dance and two years of modern dance studies I could only toy with the idea that one day I would become a professional dancer... The further I advanced in my studies, the further I seemed to get away from the stage. So it took me by surprise when I was accepted by the Honved Dance Ensemble. Besides dancing, singing mostly played a role of secondary importance in my life."
In the dance group Agnes Herczku could increasingly test herself as a folk singer, and before long the music band of Honved Ensemble (later Fono Folk Band) invited her to perform vocals on their album, and since then she has continuously been invited to contribute to more and more albums. The scales finally tipped in favour of singing in 2003 when Laszlo Kelemen invited her to join the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, where she remains as vocal soloist. Apart from singing authentic folk music she has also worked with musicians from different musical genres (world music, pop, jazz), such as Pal Vasvari, Nikola Parov, Tibor Bornai, Mihaly Borbely, Herbie Mann, Dj Palotai and Gabor Juhasz. As well as p



Written By: Trad.

I have my rose, but nothing else,
Even that's pawned to someone else.
If someone redeems it for me,
The Good Lord will bless them surely.

Not a fault can be discovered
In those with a brown-haired lover.
Well, though my own has got blond hair,
I would still die for him, I swear.

Do not twitter, do not whistle,
In our garden do not dibble!
Dibbling round here's a waste of time,
Because you will never be mine.

The sloe is green, it will turn blue,
Now I don't have a love, that's true.
It will turn black as it grows ripe,
I'll find a lover that's my type!


Written By: Trad.

Love can be, love can be
Such cursed misery,
Love can be, love can be
Such cursed misery.

Why didn't you blossom
On top of every tree,
On top of every tree,
On every cedar leaf?

Sleep descended on my eyes,
May dawn cast it out at sunrise!
If dawn won't cast it out again,
Little angel, who'll hug you then?

Red cherry with a stalk of black,
I am a slave for you, my lad.
A slave in life, a slave in death,
Your slave, my rose, with every breath.

I'll set the husks ablaze,
Let them burn till complete,
I can see my sweet babe
Walk the length of the street.

My ring on her finger,
The whole street a'glitter,
Everyone stops to stare,
In Koppany none compare.

Little bullock, large yoke to pull,
Those three young girls are beautiful.
How I'd love one my own to be,
The prettiest among the three.

Not a fault can be discovered
In those with a brown-haired lover.
Well, though my own has got blond hair,
I would still die for her, I swear.

At the foothill village market place
A goggle-eyed girl looked at my face.
Her goggle eyes stared straight into mine
Like a pregnant sheep at lambing time.

A Szentbalazs young lass, yes I am,
Veal with red wine that's how I dine when I can.
This way, you sheep, ewe sheep, you sheep, ewe sheep, you,
A shepherd lad as a lover would be grand!
This way, you sheep, ewe sheep, you sheep, ewe sheep, you,
Balaton's where this ship will reach land.

I Lit A Candle

Written By: Trad.

I will come to you,
I will come to you as a guest,
How it is blushing, blushing red,
Your face of white is now speckled.

Your eyes are jet black,
Your eyes are jet black, like sour cherries,
Fair is your figure,
Fair is your figure, so slender.

Give me your dark eyes,
Give me your dark eyes, black as jet,
Your fairest figure,
Your fairest figure, so slender.

I lit a candle for the new bridegroom,
I'll take my own role as the new bride soon.
Headdress, my headdress, my lovely pearl wreath,
Ribbons from my tress, I'll place out of reach.

Up, this beam will do, nice and clean for you,
I will never be a bridesmaid anew!

What will be, will be, a new bride I'll be,
Not a bride you'll see as lovely as me!

What will be, will be, a new bride I'll be,
For the groom, you'll see, a true mate I'll be!

I'm Leaving

Written By: Trad.

I'm leaving, I'm leaving,
How I long to wander,
Here in this small village
I can stay no longer.

I'm leaving, I'm leaving,
I won't live amidst you,
My days full of sorrow
I won't spend here with you.

Tell me one thing my rose,
Which road will you stroll down,
I will have it furrowed
With a plough that's golden.

Come on, let's go this way,
Who the hell knows which way!

I will have it sown with
The purest pearls, hand-picked,
I'll harrow it myself
With my tears dense and thick.

Come on, let's go this way...

I'm leaving, I'm leaving,
For some land far away,
My beautiful homeland
I'll never see again.

If you should go, my rose
To some foreign country,
Remember you've promised
Your own sweet heart to me.

Come on, let's go this way...

It Feels Good

Written By: Trad.

It feels good for a sad heart
To let itself complain,
If from its own deep sorrow
It shares some of the pain.

Oh, my sweetest little dove
Oh, how much I love you,
A thousand times every day
I make mention of you.

Even at night while I sleep
Your picture I embrace,
But by the time I awake
All I find's your cold place.


From Mouth To Mouth - released by FolkEuropa in 2007

Set List

1. Somogyindia 5'08"
2. No Rain Falls 4'51"
3. Fire Jumping 5'22"
4. I'm Leaving 4'38"
5. It Feels Good 7'27"
6. For Grandpa 3'17"
7. For Grandma 3'19"
8. Lidlidli 5'45"
9. Sweetest Little Dove Of Mine 8'46"
10. I Lit A Candle 4'23"
11. Bethlehem 9'12"
12. Paradise 4'10"