From Other Planes

From Other Planes


Deep & progressive alternative rock From Other Planes garners its roots in STP/Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd/Porcupine Tree/Cocteau Twins


Band chemistry is a very elusive thing. It can’t be scripted or created from a focus group — it’s just there. When it is as electric and positive as in From Other Planes, you just sense it’ll lead to great things. That impression lingers with this scribe after a chat with all five members of this new Toronto-based modern rock band. It’s one that’s shared by others coming into contact with From Other Planes, as we soon discover. During our interview in the large studio space that’s become the group’s second home, studio owner Dave Beatty drops in. Unaware of the tape rolling, he’s bubbling with enthusiasm: “You guys were so fantastic yesterday, I’m so excited.” He then explains, “I was with [concert promoters] C.P.I. for 10 years. I’ve seen a million bands, every big act up close, and these guys have got what it takes. They have all the raw elements.” FOP lead singer Maic Oz recalls, “Even yesterday the photographer said to us, ‘You guys have been working on looking for a band a long time.’ ”Not in any contrived way, however. This is not a group of novices, dipping their feet in the rock ’n’ roll pool for the first time. They’re all scene veterans, in both Toronto and in the former Rome base of Oz and long-time creative collaborator, guitarist Alex Hugo. That experience means they all know how rare such a positive inner band dynamic is, and they’re determined not to let the opportunity pass.“This is a very fate-ful group,” reflects Maic. “We’re not superstitious, but we are deeply aware of this being a magical moment, where all our forces are being pulled together to make this happen.” Alex concurs: “This is a new project given to us by meeting these people in different ways,” he says. “Between all these coincidences, this is fate.”The sense of FOP being a real band, in the fullest sense, is what separates it from earlier Oz/Hugo collaborations, such as previous group Bless. “That was just a project with me and Alex, and other substitute people coming in and out of the studio in Rome and then back in Toronto,” explains Oz. “They were hired guns, but From Other Planes is a real band. Apart from playing together we’ve become really good friends. It looks so fruitful; we’re more focused in other areas of our lives too. Here, there’s no one telling everybody else what to do. Everybody puts in his own.”



Written By: Hugo/Oz

When I can’t seem to run the road
That laddens your eyes
I can’t see
That moment coming back for me
Then I can see no other road
Somebody tell me where I’m goin’

I’m waiting, been waisting
If what you said is what you’ll do
I will be right here…

I will pray, and nothing more
Only the lost have found
What where looking for
But if you don’t know
Or you don’t say
Somebody tell me where are we goin’

I’m waiting been waisting
If what you said is what you’ll do
I will be right here
(what you say)
I will be right here X 2

Somebody tell me where we’re goin’….


Written By: Hugo/Oz

Waistin’ time is the best thing
When you’re with a new friend
And all the sunshine in our hands
Is in all the words we don’t have yet

I could be your answer
I would let you dance for me
I could be your fountain
I wouldn’t let you drown on me

Tightrope walkin’ with my best shoes on
Trembled almost couldn’t stay
But nobody knows if nobody dares
So I was sittin’ there till I heard you say…

I could be your answer
I would let you dance for me
I could be your fountain
I wouldn’t let you drown on me

No One

Written By: Hugo/Oz

No one’s invincible
No one knows
No one’s accepted
No one goes
I think it’s crazy
That now that I’m saved
Keep on and maybe I’ll be too far gone

Turn off the lights and I’ll be shinin’
Dream on, dream light
I think I’ll be there

No one, No one,
No one can center me
‘Cause I’ll be nothing at all

Stitch me up comfort me
I want to be home now
Flyin’ above the trees
But it’s a long way to go down
Into some lake
And crash and break

But if I crash and break
And there’s nothing at all….

No one, No one,
No one can center me
‘Cause I’ll be nothing at all

Dragon, the dragon… dragon in the trees
Dragons in my dreams


Written By: oz/hugo

if you know who you are
and you know why you're afraid
how can you bring me down

promises you made
promises you lost
promises no more..


Halls of love lp.
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Set List

11-16 songs.Promises/Rain/King 4 a day/Nothing at all 777/Fountain/Happier/No One/Halls of Love/Home/Waiting//We are All the Same/More...