From Out Of Nowhere...

From Out Of Nowhere...

 New York City, New York, USA

We are just a group of friends playing catchy and fun music, with an edge to it, that we like listening to and playing live. We're not trying to be things we're not, we're just a rock band trying to make it.


What started as two friends writing songs in their garage, in a suburb of NY, has become the powerful, energetic and driven rock/pop and art explosion that you know today. They have a sound that ranges from, but is not limited too…pop-punk, grunge, 90s Pop and Alternative. The recording and release of their highly anticipated debut EP has earned them praise and respect from other bands and fans alike. It has also lead to them playing live all over NY and the North East. Big venues to dive bars, no stage is too big or too small for them. A shared and simple goal of playing good music and having fun while they do it is what keeps them together and moving forward. And so the band plays on…
turning heads of those with ears


From Out Of Nowhere... "The Seeds Are Planted." (EP) 2010