from Paris with Love

from Paris with Love


We make our music based on what we know best, and that is having fun. When we write our songs we keep that in mind for our live shows. We write melodies that we believe to be very infectious and catchy to anyone who enjoys listening to music and not just a certain genre.


Our influences are classical pianist, coldplay, owl city, death cab for cutie, and the devil wears prada. What sets us apart from many new bands these days is our mellow feel that is easier to listen to than a lot of the heavier music that is coming out. But this does not take away from the energy of our live show. We take great pride in bringing the crowd into every show and having fun the whole show proving that this isn't a job for us but what we love to do.
We came up with our name from my dad and at first we all hated it but once we thought about it, we knew it had deep meaning it was perfect for us. It means that everyone in this world can strive to be perfect but no matter how hard we try we'll never reach that goal. Hence the "K" in the spelling of Mr. Perfekt.


The Letter
Knew Beginning
All Along
We Break Bread (Not Bones)

Both are streaming.

Set List

Our typical set list consists of 5-6 songs as of right now but we will be adding more soon. We can play for up to 30 minutes which we feel is enough for right now since we are not a headliner yet. This time will increase as we keep writing which we are doing everyday. We need a fairly large stage for our live show because we like to move around and get the crowd in to it but we can play on the smallest of stages if need be. We have three amps on stage and three mics for lead and back up vocals.