From Skies of Fire

From Skies of Fire

 Saint Peters, Missouri, USA

From Skies of Fire. A lot has happened in the short time since the bands inception in 2009 and now with the additions of vocalist Jon Berg and most recently guitarist Jake Woodworth the group looks to expand outside the comforts of their hometown of St. Louis and hit the road in 2011.


From Skies Of Fire has one simple philosophy; to provide a great live experience, and to hook listeners with catchy and accessible rock music. After being together for 3 years, this outlook has created waves amongst the St. Louis local scene, and the band continues to spread the word by playing shows across the entire state of Missouri; and there are no intentions of stopping there.

FSOF consists of "Dirty" Rob Conyers on guitar, Jake "Obbey" Woodworth also on guitar and backing vocals, Sam "Boots" Krug on drums, Scott Conyers on bass, and lead vocalist Jon Berg. This solidified lineup has opened for national bands such as Street Sweeper Social Club, Psychostick, and Greek Fire. FSOF have also played sold out shows with local heavyweights Brookroyal and Killer Me Killer You. The band has currently played 3 of the last 4 Pointfests, which is one of the largest festivals St. Louis has to offer, playing with the likes of many bands from Cake and Bush, to Coheed and Cambria and Papa Roach amongst many others.

The band recorded their first E.P. throughout 2010, and was officially released in June 2011. The "No Coast" E.P. is a great reflection of the hard work and dedication that went into the recording sessions. The title of the E.P. is a nod to the landlocked St. Louis area, and is also a statement; FSOF will continue to keep spreading the word and taking the stage anywhere possible to do what they love. Included on this recording are fan favorites such as "Under the Gun", "Lost and Never Found", and the 105.7 the Point local show staple "Into the Blue" (formerly known as The Shame).

From Skies of Fire's simple philosophy will continue to be enforced throughout the rest of 2011, with a return trip booked in Springfield, MO, and a free show at the University of Rolla. With no intentions of slowing down, there is nothing but excitement and curiosity as to what big things the year 2012 will hold.


Broken Glass And Empty Walls

Written By: Jon Berg

I am thinking out loud
Over and over, for you to not hear
My wall has space for rent
Since all of your pictures are gone...

Pre Chorus: I long for you... Open the door
I want you to... sing me to sleep
But I'm on to you... I cannot win
How I want to... Take this one home

Chorus: I'm not, holding on a thread this time
Open your eyes to me
I'm not, bleeding out my heart this time
Just open your eyes up to me

We are in different worlds
Light years away, on a different plane
I just want sympathy
Since all of your pictures are gone.

Lost And Never Found

Written By: Jon Berg

I said I loved you but you laughed at me
How could you do that to me honestly? So...

Throw me into the fire, and walk away forever.
You weren't what I desire, or anything at all...

But I'm still laying on the ground, just fumbling around
Life is just a repeat, passing me by
While I'm laying on the ground, I'm not making a sound
Let's mute the repetition... I'm always lost and never found

I wish I could delete these thoughts of you
But when I'm like this I just come unglued... So...

Two Wrongs Make A Fight

Written By: Jon Berg

You were so lost of hope, but gave me reason to trust
I'd go down kicking, screaming out your name
I didn't want a war, I didn't want you to leave
I couldn't give you reason enough to stay

I was wrong, but you were too
This end result, isn't worth what you put me through

You better watch your words, with your intention to bleed
But you cannot hurt me if I hide the bullets
Now we've got a war... Let the artillery shake
The very ground that I rely to walk on

I was wrong, but you were too
This end result, isn't worth what you put me through
Believe me I, put in the time
It flew away

I was, your desperate source of hope and everything that you could never be.

Under The Gun

Written By: Jon Berg

I'm walking backwards to the top
Up to the peak of where we lost it... Where we made our declaration
I'm sending birds across the town, I'm flying kites above the ocean

To find your scent again
I'll grip with everything that I have
These memories that I want back
I can't believe where we are now... So come on.

Where does the time go?
I feel alone, and I know things aren't back to good
I was under the gun for you.
And the worst part... We've been here many times before

I'm walking backwards to the top
Up to the peak of where we began. Before this massive separation
Where does it always go astray? How do we cover all this distance?
To meet in the middle again?

Falling Deeper

Written By: Jon Berg

What's this feeling that I have?
It's like I've fallen asleep, and forgot how to breathe
Come on kick up this beat of my heart
Before I die all alone, in this city

I'm afraid, we have lost, all that we know
And all that we care about
We have fallen deeper, now my shadow's my friend

Scorching and burning ever so slowly
What is this I've done to us right now?

I know what's wrong, but I won't speak a word

Conversation is running thin
So I'll sever my ties and say my goodbyes
Come on give me one reason to stay
Before I die all alone in this city

Surrender your thoughts, I've highjacked this plane
And I can't man the wheel.
We've fallen apart, the demons of your heart
Are making me afraid....


No Coast Ep - released May 2011

1. Two Wrongs Make a Fight
2. Broken Glass and Empty Walls (105.7 the Point)
3. Falling Deeper
4. Into the Blue (105.7 the Point)
5. Under the Gun
6. To Be Alive
7. Lost and Never Found

Set List

30 minute set (example March 25, 2011)

Falling Deeper
Two Wrongs Make A Fight
Broken Glass and Empty Walls
Under the Gun
Into the Blue
Lost and Never Found

45 minute set (example February 12, 2011)

Two Wrongs Make A Fight
Under the Gun
Into the Blue
Falling Deeper
Broken Glass and Empty Walls
To Be Alive
Lost and Never Found

60 min set example
Broken Glass and Empty Walls
Under the Gun
Into the Blue
Two Wrongs Make A Fight
Falling Deeper
To Be Alive
Paperthin Hymn (anberlin cover)
The Eddie Money Disaster
Lost and Never Found