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"Soulshine Review"

Album Title: Passages EP
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Milton, Ontario band From the Bridge has made their debut independent release Passages about longing and transition. In many ways, lyrically, it is a reflection of memories and dreams that you would think about over a glass of lemonade on your back porch. Above all, it's the cathartic poetry of talented frontman Kerr Smith. "Mint" is a standout track with its gorgeous slide guitar opening and lyrics like "the biggest little things I remember," where memories of being in love collide with present heartbreak.

"He who Laughs, Lasts" is a candidly honest track poignantly stating to let go of any inhabitions, "See, there ain't no hymn that I've ever heard/That's said more to me than the sound of one bird/Who'd never think of waiting for some 'right' time to sing." Smith has a solid grasp on writing what it would be like if emotions and words could become tangible, he takes you to that place with vivid imagery. His calming vocals and falsetto also show him as a brilliant vocalist. Lets hope we hear more from this band and see them get on tour behind what will be a delightful "passage" for any listener.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield - Soulshine


9/9/09 ~ Expected release in 2010
passages ~ 2007 (self release)



“From the bridge we’ll watch it all,
The rush the rise, the calm the fall
And into it all, our toes, we will dip
We’ll dance, we’ll sing, we’ll sit, we’ll sip…”

This is our humble attempt to bring strings of soul and folk prose to the whole, grand Unfold. An acoustic groove to suit those hip to Dylan, Harper, Marley, et al., whether you feel like a little swing, sway, or stepping slow, this is what flows From the Bridge.
And while we’re continually floored by the coolness of those on-board, when it comes to an intricate explanation as to some grand formula, plan, or process behind the music, with deepest apologies, we’re likely to be little more than mum.
See, as we embrace the less-than-lyrical saying that there ain’t no “fish on a wall with its mouth shut”, Mike, James, Peter and I are pretty content to not meddle or mess with any Muse that happens our way. As Aldous Huxley said, “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”. This also works the other way ‘round.
To us, poetry paired with a little melody rarely needs any extra coddling or handling other than the simple planting of the seed.'s Ms. Nature's...and what need be.
Just as a bridge, music need not only be a place of idle passing, or merely a point of connection, but also a spot to stop and share a moment with another, looking out in the same direction.