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The best kept secret in music



From The Desk Of Sally Triumphs In Online Battle Of The Bands
In the true spirit of band battles Garage Radio pits its artists against each other to gauge their influence on their audiences in a monthly encounter. This month the winner was “From The Desk Of Sally”, an East Coast Alternative Rock band with an obvious following.

“From The Desk Of Sally” (FTDOS) have paid their dues over the years, with their trial-and-error style of producing finally paying off. FTDOS has been working on a new EP, called I Told You So, which has caught the attention of the independent music scene, but the big story is their victory over 4 other bands in a recent, online battle of the bands.

Garage Radio holds a monthly contest, which involves the artists that are featured on the web site. The artists are nominated by their fans or members of the band. The 5 artists with the most nominations become contenders and campaign for two weeks to win the title of Headliner of the Month.

“From The Desk Of Sally” is the winner for May of 2003 and will claim their prize, a performance in Garage Radio's studio, or the GR Dungeon, which will be webcasted live over the Internet.



From The Desk Of Sally
Le Femme Sally!

From The Desk Of Sally has really made a breakthrough on their last EP. I had the opportunity to listen to "I Told You So" and am ecstatic to report that this band kicks! I have always liked From The Desk Of Sally, but this last project really put me over the edge.

Alternative music has many dimensions ... so does this band. I replayed the title track from "I Told You So" over and over and never got tired of it. Just this one song shows their range has no boundaries and gives a new mission to indie musicians. The rest of their material gives a huge insight into the band and is equally as engaging!

The newest release from FTDOS has a lot of great elements, including some influences from several famous acts that will be apparent when you listen to the CD. I was floored.

The guitars are great here ... I love ambient swells and great downstrokes! Also, I was captured by the vocals - lead and backup. The whole band comes together here and plays a mean, groovy, POP!

I'm known for my short reviews and long articles, so I'll close this by saying "Listen to From The Desk Of Sally and say you knew them before they were famous!"
Added: March 29th 2003
- John Foxworthy

"Rising Stars Magazine"

Q: Hi! How are you doing today?

A: Jeryl: We doing great now that we are in the air conditioning.

Q: Hope your ready to answer 'cause here we go! Why don't you tell everyone when you became interested in music and how you went about breaking in?

A: Jeryl: I'm ready! I think I've always loved music. I can remember listening to music in my room by myself for hours. Listening to every part and every instrument. When I was 15 my best friend bought me a starter drum kit. My Mom was thrilled...ha ha. then soon after I bought a bass that I wish I still had. It was a Gibson bass with an SG body. I don't think I've ever seen another one. Then my first performing experience was with my brother in his cover band. I plated bass for them. We did some pretty cool stuff. The Cure, The smiths, The Church, REM. Im not sure if we have broken into music yet but I do know that we really love what we do. We have done pretty well for ourselves on an indie level. I think the "breaking in" part is still in progress.

Ejay:after hearing "new world man" by rush. the riff in that song just touched me..and i had to learn how to play

Fred: the Beatles/stones and my sisters band. I'm not sure I've broken in yet but working on it

Q: Why did you choose the music industry? Why focus more on music and not law, rocket science or something else? Some people have specific reasons for liking music. What about music attracts you?

A: Jeryl: I think it sort of chose me. Its really a big part of my life and my personality. I would be lost without it. Im no rocket scientist and im a pretty free spirit. I don't like to do things that I don't enjoy. That work for and against me sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way. And it's never too late to be a rocket scientist or anything else we want to be. I think what attracts me to music is the creativity, the self expression and the performance aspect of it. I really enjoy writing and playing and performing in front of an audience.

Ejay: well not to get down on lawyers..but i am a nice guy..too nice to be a lawyer...and being in a band is just natural to me. music is real

Fred: I was not so good in school and music was one of the few things I was good at, I didn't choose chose me

Q: Do you have any genres you'd like to try besides your current one? Like I dunno... rock, rap, country, etc.? What do you consider your current genre and age group to be right now anyway?

A: Jeryl: Yes I love pure pop music and R&B, I also love dance and industrial stuff too. I think the genre is power pop/rock and our audience is about 12 to 24.

Ejay :i play around with some techno at home with a drum machine and guitar effects. but its for fun. we are pop-rock i guess. our age group i would say is like 15-27

Fred: no not really.

Q: Do you write your song lyrics and if so do you write both lyrics and melody to your songs? Can you tell us what inspires you as you write and how you go about it? For instance, some artists start off with a melody in their heads while others, like myself, tend to begin with an idea or title.

A: Jeryl: Yes I do write the songs and the lyrics with help from Fred and Ejay in arranging them. I also come up with the melodies. I get inspired by life experiences, or maybe a movie I saw or a phrase someone might say. I get ideas from listening to other artists. I don't really have any particular way that I write but I do have a writing style that you will notice is consistent in all of our songs. So, there is no one way that I do the writing. I kind of go with the flow.

Ejay: when I write at home I write riffs...tons of them. In the band some make it in. and I write the guitar solos.

Q: What's your favorite song out of the ones you've written so far? Is there a particular story behind any of the songs you have out now?

A:Jeryl:Hmmmm, that's a hard one. It always seems that i like the newest ones the most. but if i had to choose i would have to say "You Wreck Me. "

Ejay: I like "some kind of wonderful".."stay away" is about me...which I didn't know till Jeryl told me during a radio interview.

What is the one word that would best describe you?

A: Jeryl: Creative

Ejay: Mook

Fred: Adaptable

Q: What's one thing about yourself that no one would ever guess?

Jeryl: I secretly really want to be a drummer

Ejay: that i am really shy

Fred: I HAVE A BAD TEMPER Q: What one thing about yourself would you change if you could?

A: Jeryl: My eye color....I DONT KNOW!! This is a question that has many answers. Ask any girl this question and they will probably give you a laundry list of things, we can thank the media for that.

Ejay: to be more disciplined with playing my guitar...sounds funny right..but when I was 16 I practiced so much. Now I play alone an hour a day. when I was 16 I was doing 5 to 8 hour days.


Q: What was in your b - Gypsy

"NORTH JERSEY NOTES by Tim Louie 11/2003"

From The Desk of Sally- Northern NJ<br><br>One band that I always liked and respected as people and musicians was From The Desk of Sally. When I knew them they were Swirl, but due to some trademark laws Swirl was changed to the uniquely named From the Desk of Sally. Lead singer Jeryl Orsino is an incredible songwriter and performer! In spite of all the line up changes, I'm happy to see that Jeryl stuck to her guns and finally has everything on track!<br><br>From the Desk of Sally is an alt-pop act who hail from Northern NJ. They have a sound, style and sensibility that celebrate a bond with their audience. Their songs have become the soundtrack to most of their listeners lives. From the Desk of a Sally say that pop is the heart of what they play, mixed in with musical influences that are all over the map. Their songs are so catchy that you will leave a From the Desk of Sally performance with a song stuck in your head. They're tight and extremely entertaining! From the Desk of Sally are made up of Jeryl (Singer, Guitar) Ejay (lead guitar) Fred (drums/backing vocals) and brother Jay Orsino, formerly of Dira on bass. <br><br>From the Desk of Sally recently work with producer Jim Ebert on their latest CD I Told You So. In fact, the title track was written by Marvelous 3 frontman Butch Walker. If you want to hear what From the Desk of Sally sounds like, you can do so by going to or by going down to the Underpass in Elmwood Park, NJ 11/22. <br> - The Aquarian Weekly (Page 7 vol 2-217)

"Another One Down: Top Picks of 2003 - By John Foxworthy"

I know what you’re saying … “Not another year-end ‘best of’ list!” Let me assure you that this list is the consummate 5 best and worst of the last year in indie music, and I’ll pull no punches. I’ve gone through great pains to remember and chronicle all of the coolest and “un-coolest” things we’ve seen from 2003 according to me.

It was rather difficult to categorize all of the different aspects that this industry presents, but I managed to break it down into three classes: the music, the services and the people. The subcategories were a little harder, but I’ll do my best to represent everyone involved!
Let’s start with the music because, let’s face it, there’d be no indie domain without indie music. I decided to only do a best of with this one … I would never presume to judge what compiles BAD music. This will be more of a favorites grouping.
Best Indie Bands
5. From the Desk of Sally – These guys made the list based on talent, dedication and persona. New Jersey’s From the Desk of Sally presents their audience with a great show and even greater music. Their latest EP entitled “Told You So” ranks high on the lists of all who’ve listened. The band has paid their dues over the years through the miles of footwork in being their own street team and representation thanks mostly to their lead singer, Jeryl’s, own efforts as band manager/promotional director/singer/guitarist. They also manage to keep their realism in tact with all the B.S. we know happens in the genuine world. From the Desk of Sally is a great pick for my top 5 because they are, simply put, true rockers!
4. Seasons of the Wolf – OK all you hardcore Metal heads out there. Here’s a band with balls bigger than their sound! SOTW has kept the faith of a religion first laid out by such bands as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. They’ve stayed the course since 1988, utilizing brutal guitars and screaming lyrics to create a recipe for some badass tunage. Flying in the face of today’s popular Metal, Seasons of the Wolf has not only written, produced, recorded and graffiti’d their own brand of “real” Metal, but also helped many bands of other genres get their feet wet in the industry. SOTW are true masters when it comes to understanding what indie music is all about. In a world that may be losing their understanding of Metal, Seasons of the Wolf are truly champions of the sport!
3. Kill By Inches – Once again, a real example of what Metal is all about. While they dub themselves as a Core/Groove band, you’ll probably find some butt-rock records lurking under their mattresses. These guys are rude, crude and obnoxious, but don’t get me wrong … what would a killer machine like KBI be without those attributes? When it comes to their art KBI are no jerks. They get off on every note they play, leaving many new major label acts in the dust. The East Coast has been blessed with the epitome of hard modern rock and NJ wouldn’t be the same without them.
2. Superna – If a band rocks in the desert and no one is there to hear it, do they still make a sound? You bet! Try a big noise … Here’s a female-fronted act that takes the boundary of originality and bends it their own whims. Of all the great acts to come from Texas, Superna certainly bars no holds with their own in-your-face brand of Heavy Alternative Rock. This sextet of true musicians is both learned and creative has blown away every audience they’ve performed for. I have to say that the entire listening experience will leave you gasping for air when they take your breath away. Nothing like them has been out, at least lately, and they easily take the #2 spot for my top 5!
1. Fallen From Grace – This is history in the making … started by three guys who sold everything, quit their jobs and decided to do what they love for a living, Fallen From Grace has definitely not fallen from sight. They redefine acoustic Rock every time any one of them picks up an instrument. The band’s chemistry is obvious in their music … they play as one and reach deep into what’s going on in your soul. I have yet to hear another repertoire that can leave you wanting like FFG’s, and I’ve been to the best! Another act from New Jersey, Fallen From Grace has done proud by the state and the whole coast for that matter. They have achieved total enlightenment in the music scene by taking all the elements of Rock and combining them to become a sound loved by all age groups. No problem picking Fallen From Grace as my #1!!!
Read more @ -

"Live Perfomance Review From the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC Aug 21st 2003"

From the moment the first distorted chords of From the Desk of Sally's “Eye” exploded into the air at the Hard Rock Café on Thursday night, August 21st, I knew I was in for a night of unforgettable music. This high energy band kicks ass from start to finish. Jeryl's strong vocals are backed up by a solid beat and top-notch musicianship. With catchy hooks and riffs that stay with you, From the Desk of Sally's songs are pulled away from pop by a “dirtier” live sound. The dynamics keep it all interesting: Lead guitar lines answer vocal lines, rhythms shift, great bridges kick in and lift the song, bass lines counter melodies. This band knows how to pace a show without ballads, sometimes giving the music space and sometimes filling it with something great from every instrument. This is thoughtful and inspired work. By the time the set built to “I Told You So,” the audience was singing along, dancing and having a blast. Then the band took it even higher - the first set ended with “Stupid,” an edgy high-powered rocker that had the audience jumping up and down.

Even after a powerhouse like the first set, the second set did not disappoint. “Everything,” with its strong chorus and Ejay's guitar work weaving through the vocal pulled the audience back into the party. Jeryl's voice blended perfectly with Fred's backup vocals and she sang as strong as the first song of the first set. In fact, the whole band seemed tireless which tells me that these are musicians who love what they do. Fred's drumming was absolutely rock solid. And Andy's bass work especially in tunes like “The Blame” and “You Wreck Me” helped drive the songs. I thought Devo's “Girl U Want” was going to be the climax of the second set because I just didn't know how the audience (including myself) could get any happier/higher. And then From the Desk of Sally blew the roof off with Cheap Trick's “He's A Whore.” The audience was howling. The Hard Rock was rocking. It was an amazing experience. This is a band that deserves to be heard over and over again.

- Beddy Sinkoff

"East Coast Rock Meets West Coast Television"

Go to for videos

In August of 2003, Sidewalks’ East Coast host Rafael Siegel met and interviewed the East Coast pop/rock band, From The Desk of Sally. The group had a CD release party at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City to kicked off the release of their EP, "I Told You So".

Voted the top 5 best indie bands of 2003 by, From The Desk of Sally consists of Jeryl Orsino (vocals and guitar), Jay Orsino (lead guitar) and Chris Simon (drums).

From The Desk Of Sally was formed in 1994, originally called Swirl. The group had to lose the Swirl name because it was too similar to another band, Swirl 360. After some name consideration, the band decided on From The Desk Of Sally because Jeryl’s grandmother was named Sally.

According to the band, pop music is the heart of what they play, mixed in with musical influences that are all over the map. Their official biography says you will leave a From the Desk of Sally performance with a song stuck in your head. From the Desk of Sally is far from the run-of-the-mill female fronted, Lilith Fair-type band. This band, in front of any new audience, is guaranteed to win them over with their energetic music and performance. From the Desk of Sally is tight, entertaining and a pleasure to work with. It's all about the music for them and it shows in their music and dedication to putting on a great show.

Out of over 3000 songs in the pop category, their song "I Told You So" hit number one on the pop charts at website. The title track is written by Grammy nominated Butch Walker of The Marvelous 3, who also co-wrote SR71’s hit "Right Now," while the song is produced by Jim Ebert.

Recently, the band has donated songs to the Songs of Love Foundations and has written the music for the PBS documentary, "Sentencing The Victim."
- Sidewalks Entertanment


Augusts 2003 "I Told You So" EP
Produced by Jim Ebert

Hard Rock Compilation CD 2002
"Loud and Clear" is featured on this disc
Everything and Nothing 1999 (full length CD)

The song "19" is featured in Sentencing the Victim documentary 2002 a flim by Liz Oakley and Joanna Katz. "19" writen by Jeryl Orsino. Featuring Fred DeTurris, Jeff Gaynor and Anthony Carretta. Produced by Shark Bite Records for IVS Video Productions. This documantary has been aired on PBS and many other national and local television stations.

"Lexi" Songs of Love Foundation 2001. Written by Jeryl Orsino. Featuring Fred DeTurris on drums and backing vocals. Programming by Jeryl Orsino. Engineered by Anthony Carretta @ The Facility Studios. Mixed by Jeryl Orsino. Mastered by Frank Vento @ Myles of Style. Produced by Jay Orsino @ Shark Bite Productions.

4 song demo on
Shark Bite Records
Recorded @ The facility in Carlstadt, NJ 2001
Produced by Shark Bite Productions and From The Desk of Sally

Maxi Single featuring "So Many Things" and " Loud and Clear" 2000
Recorded @ Carretta Studios Engineered and mastered by Anthony Carretta
Art work by Joe Carretta
Poduced by Shark Bite Productions and From The Desk of Sally

From the desk of sally is featured on the Listen , learn and groove informational/music CD released by THe Female Musician 2000. Diane Shure, Jill sobule, Aaliyah, and much more. To get a free CD go to:

2001 Helzberg Diamond in the Rough CD
Imagine finding a gem. Perhaps not yet cut to perfection, but full of potential and promise for the futureSo, CHRW Advertising and Helzberg Diamonds made this CD especially for the college student nearing graduation. It features songs from bands that are unsigned at the moment, but who might one day become as successful as the diamonds in the rough who decide to polish their skills and talents at Helzberg Diamonds. From The Desk of Sally is one of these bands.

Everything & Nothing 1999
Full length
Shark Bite Records
Produced by Jeryl Orsino
Available @


Feeling a bit camera shy


Recently Jeryl has been doing an acoustic tour all over the east coast. It has been an excellent experience for her. " Playing alone has always been a fear of mine but I feeling more comfortable. It has helped my vocal performance and has inspired me to do more writing." Check the tour schedule and come out and see Jeryl's acoustic performances.

Voted one of the top 5 best indie bands of 2003 by, From The Desk of Sally is busting out of the gates with their single "I Told You So" produced by Jim Ebert.(Meredith Brooks, SR-71, Butch Walker and the Marvelous 3.)
I Told You So hit # 1 on the pop charts at out of over 3000 songs in the pop category. Instantly accessible pop/rock songs have become indispensable additions to the soundtrack of From The Desk of Sally fans. Jeryl Orsino, Lead singer and songwriter says that “pop music is the heart of what I write, mixed in with musical influences that are all over the map. You will leave a From the Desk of Sally performance with a song stuck in your head. From the Desk of Sally is not a run of the mill female fronted, Lilith Fair type band. This band, in front of any new audience, is guaranteed to win them over with their energetic music and solid performance. From the desk of sally is tight, entertaining and a pleasure to work with. John Pasquale, Sales Manager Of the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC stated "I have been running the live music here at the Hard Rock New York for about 3 years and they are by far one of the top bands that we have had perform here. They have a great energy and their music is fresh and original. They seem to posses the right mix of rock and punk along with great lyrics. Jeryl has a great command of the stage and always seems to have the crowd in the palm of her hand. "
It's all about the music for Jeryl and it shows in the bands music and dedication to putting on a great show. A CD release party at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC (August 2003) kicked off the release of their EP "I Told You So".
The band is frequently featured on, and Sidewalks Entertainment Television has release a video montage of a live performance and a full interview with the band. You can go to To view both of those videos. From The Desk of Sally has a full length CD and an EP for sale @ and Jeryl has donated songs to the Songs of Love Foundations and wrote the music for a
Documentary, , that aired nationally on PBS on March 2nd 2004 . Listen for them on NYC’s # 1 radio station Z100 as a contestants in the “Radio Star” contest 2004. This well rounded band calls New Jersey their home and NYC their stomping ground.