From The Fallen

From The Fallen


FROMtheFALLEN is a dynamic heavy metal band with a subtle blends of harmony and pop elements. Shying away from the violence and negativity of other band's lyrics they connect with their audiences with relatable lyrics and catchy hooks that haunt your memory for days.


From the depths of Fresno California come a 4 piece machine known as FROMtheFALLEN. Founded by current members Ricardo (drums) and Brandon (guitar), the duo quickly recruited James (guitar) and Stu (bass) and began working on their first few songs. After an exhausting search they contacted former Sempiternal vocalist, Amber (vocals) and after only one audition the lineup was set.

Seeing how deteriated the scene had become the band decided that this would be a much needed change to the Fresno music scene. After a debut show at the Starline with fellow rockers Six Ounce Gloves, they parted ways with James and Stu and aquired Harry (bass) from Toxic Sunset fame to complete the lineup.


Sympathy For A Stalker

Written By: Amber

It’s my fault cause I believed
Every word that you told me
First you said I was the only one
Take my hand and tell me lies
Shadows fall covering me
I can’t believe that you left me
Now your gone and with her
Through the window I observe

Perfect Pictures all torn apart
Fragile moments tearing at my heart

Growing Weaker it consumes my mind

You served me a hundred feet
But I know what you really mean
You say I was your worst mistake
But you are mine and belong to me
Into madness I lost myself
Stuck in the past and its memories
But it’s my fault cause I believed
Every word that you told me…

Perfect pictures all torn apart
Fragile moments tearing at my hear

Perfect pictures all torn apart (x4)

Perfect pictures all torn apart
Fragile moments tearing at my hear

Growing weaker it consumes my mind

In The Line of Fire

Written By: Amber

I’m never gonna play
The same old games
So many years have
Come and gone away

Stayed the same
Ain’t never gonna change
Tell me have you
Ever looked away

(No where to Run, No where to go)

Beat my head up
Against the wall
Breath it in
And Brace for the fall

Here to win
And taking nothing back
Train Derails
It’s going off the track

In the Line of Fire
Strait sick Desire
You crave the flesh
And all the rest
But it doesn’t matter
In the Line of Fire
You’re such a liar
Don’t quench your thirst
I’m not your first
In the Line of Fire


Save Me demo 2008, FROMtheFALLEN 2 song demo 2009

Set List

Sympathy for a Stalker,
The Forgotten,
Never be Free,
Solemn Winter,
In the Line of Fire,
Save Me,
When I'm Gone,
and Black by Sevendust