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From The Headline @ The ELB

Rockford, Illinois, USA

Rockford, Illinois, USA

From The Headline @ Turner Hall Ballroom

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

From The Headline @ Lincoln Highschool

Cambridge City, Indiana, USA

Cambridge City, Indiana, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Virtually appearing out of thin air, From The Headline have sneaked onto the scene with their new self-titled ep. The band is made up of long-time friends who sing about their life experiences and even their hometown. Going the way of bands such as The All-American Rejects and Boys Like Girls, From The Headline bring out their rock / pop-punk and coat it with a sweet layer of catchy sing along lyrics. The first song on the ep "Monologue" the band showcases their catchy rock style lyrics. All in all, this ep is a great debut ep. With a proper producer, and some backing vocals, I can see this band going big in 2008. With songs like "All Purpose Room" , "Fourteen" , and "So Long" From The Headline are sure to please rock / pop-punk fans of all kinds.


~ Jess
November 11 2007

- Jesse

I love the Midwestern rock sound. Maybe it's because I was raised there, maybe there's something in Lake Michigan's water, or maybe it's just a good bit of luck that great bands end up forming in America's heartland. In any case, I can add Milwaukee's From the Headline to the list of Midwest love.

Opening track "Monologue" gets right to business on the band's self-titled EP, mixing tight instrumentals with downy melodic vocals. "Fourteen" is effects-laden and a bit discordant, while "So Long" takes a different approach as a lush ballad centering around dark piano.

The gamboling drumbeat and danceable bass and guitar make "Loose Fit" stand out, and closer "In Exchange for Payment" has an that extra something that puts the driving and energetic tune on top.

One of From the Headline's most impressive qualities is their ability to walk the line between softer acts like Copeland and Mae and rougher peers Hey Mercedes and The Response without losing their own sound and fitting comfortably within both camps.
- Stacey

From The Headline - s/t EP

From The Headine is a hard working band from Wisconsin that has been playing shows throughout the Midwest and beyond for some time now. Their debut recording has been a long time in coming, but thankfully it has been well worth the wait. From the Headline is a band that has immense pop appeal while still playing well enough to impress even the most pop-wary music fans.

The songs on this six-track EP are both catchy and refined. Showing influences rangeing from pop to latin, From the Headline have a real talent for writing great songs. With time they could even redeem the often boring pop genre. The album was impeccably recorded and features great production. The packaging of this release is also especially stunning. It features a digipack with an outer sleeve. This unusual configuration works brilliantly to render this release as nice visually as it is aurally. This music is for anyone wishing the radio would play real music.


Check these guys out at
Also a side note to any label who happens to read this, SIGN THESE GUYS, you won't regret it.
- Rob Funkhouser


"From The Headline E.P." July 2007

You can stream a few songs from our record from:


We are on radio

We are also played on Sunday nights on Milwaukee's FM 102.1 on the Local Scene segment. You can stream this radio station on the internet at:



Brittle but never shattered, biting without breaking the skin, some bands drive a hard bargain with their listeners. Settle in, quiet down and remember why music is worth loving.

A working band, FTH began by handing out self made demos at shows for free and have been ardently touring since their inception in 2006. Their early practices displayed a like-minded love of different musical styles and a healthy obsession with doing whatever it takes to indelibly etch themselves into that world. Exhibiting an earnest dedication so lacking in most of their peers, this young band's refusal to shy away from things such as financing their own EP only reinforce the image of a band following their creative vision, whatever the cost.

Harkening back to emotional rock's pioneers, FTH toys with danceable indie beats rooted in emotionally expressive yet vulnerable songwriting. Combining catchy hooks, jazzy interludes and other-worldly vocals, this Milwaukee-based band exhibits a musical cohesiveness and maturity far beyond their years.

Starting their touring lives almost immediately, FTH logged close to 20,000 miles in their first year while sharing the stage with such acts as Wax On Radio (Downtown Records), The Dear Hunter (Eastwest Records), Dr. Manhattan (Vagrant Records), Damiera (Equal Vision Records), and Smoking Popes (Capitol/Victory Records). Their influences range from Fugazi to Circa Survive, Ryan Adams to Sonic Youth and that diversity shows when standing them up against their sound-alike peers.

Anyone can play rock music, and these days almost everyone tries, but From The Headline's sincere delivery of their songs combined with their unique personality and willingness to sacrifice life and limb for their craft creates a place for their listeners to settle in, quiet down and become immersed.

Written by Heather Hladish