From The Headline

From The Headline


We are a band anchored in the heart of Milwaukee, Wi that writes driven music filled with energy and emotion.


Brittle but never shattered, biting without breaking the skin, some bands drive a hard bargain with their listeners. Settle in, quiet down and remember why music is worth loving.

A working band, FTH began by handing out self made demos at shows for free and have been ardently touring since their inception in 2006. Their early practices displayed a like-minded love of different musical styles and a healthy obsession with doing whatever it takes to indelibly etch themselves into that world. Exhibiting an earnest dedication so lacking in most of their peers, this young band's refusal to shy away from things such as financing their own EP only reinforce the image of a band following their creative vision, whatever the cost.

Harkening back to emotional rock's pioneers, FTH toys with danceable indie beats rooted in emotionally expressive yet vulnerable songwriting. Combining catchy hooks, jazzy interludes and other-worldly vocals, this Milwaukee-based band exhibits a musical cohesiveness and maturity far beyond their years.

Starting their touring lives almost immediately, FTH logged close to 20,000 miles in their first year while sharing the stage with such acts as Wax On Radio (Downtown Records), The Dear Hunter (Eastwest Records), Dr. Manhattan (Vagrant Records), Damiera (Equal Vision Records), and Smoking Popes (Capitol/Victory Records). Their influences range from Fugazi to Circa Survive, Ryan Adams to Sonic Youth and that diversity shows when standing them up against their sound-alike peers.

Anyone can play rock music, and these days almost everyone tries, but From The Headline's sincere delivery of their songs combined with their unique personality and willingness to sacrifice life and limb for their craft creates a place for their listeners to settle in, quiet down and become immersed.

Written by Heather Hladish



Written By: Mark Glatzel

Stage left Stage right
I’m acting so well
I need some feedback
Come criticize me now
I’ll take hit for hit
I’ll take anything you say
Let’s say this candles’ lit
And our dinners on its way

Quietly in Doubt
I shout my lungs out
As I watch our time fade
Take all the emptiness
And the smiles can’t commit
I’m someone you can’t change

I wear scars of where you’ve been
On my arms my cheeks my skin
So little confidence
Just hold on or you’ll lose your grip
We beat our chests complain of
Torn apart hearts wait
See here my eyes are looking for
Qualities of love interest

Breathe, breathe in so lovely
I won’t let this cut me
The taste of your lips
Breathe, breathe in so lovely,
I won’t let this haunt me
My hands on your hips

The Number Fourteen

Written By: Mark Glatzel

So where are we to go here?
While walking on pavement
Way to go you have tripped
On your friends heal, all of your feelings
And concerns are, poured on their shoulders way to go

It’s as if we’re all part of a system you have fought
Creating a clincher to put our thoughts to their end
And it’s never where; we climb a ladder to success that’s where
These theories are poured excessively till we’re progressively a mess.

We could be rising on top of these sour heals
Where cordial obligations, with acquaintances we never knew
Are required. We slow down with tiresome thoughts in our minds
So way to go, so where am I

What would you say if I would have saw you
I would have sought you alone in my bed, alone in my bed
What would you say if I would have fought you
I would have lost you while alone in my bed, alone in my bed

We could be, but we’re distant, don’t soften what you thought
We can’t be so persistent to count and sort our loss

All Purpose Room

Written By: Mark Glatzel

Stuck on this image I, decide
To follow your shady trail, my life
Is in your hand,
I should probably start defending
But now my sky has broken free
And it’s something I could never forget

(I have to insist on this, we’ll run as fast as we can)

I made an admirable attempt
To run as fast as I can

Breaking out, break out I will
I’ll take my girl, and peddle, hard and fast and far
Away from here
Make a life, make it I will
Adjust the sound,
I’ll say this world is only made for two my dear

(I have to insist on this, we’ll run as fast as we can)

As your ends wave away, It’s time
Oh can you just take my hand, tonight
Shut out your doubt and your pain,
I promise a happy ending
Take a chance and you’ll say
That it’s something that you’ll never forget.

Loose Fit

Written By: Mark Glatzel

Roll your pen across my page
I hope it’s all a bleeding fabrication
It’s all what you make it
Take in the smell, dread the power
I will fall forward further
Don’t you’ll hurt her

Don’t stop, don’t stall
Oh, this plan will proceed
Break loose; kick your shoes off,
And dance to the beat

What’s the weight in your step?
I hope it’s not a shift in adoration
It’s all what you make it
What’s your favorite mistake or
favorite ideal? Give a vote
And cast your appeal

Drag me down past that half ass
Feeling. Oh, put back your defense
Make this real with your eyes wide
Open and your heart open minded
So you can hear a little more.

Comfortably numb I walk into this.

So Long

Written By: Mark Glatzel

All these rolling nights, keep me up so well
All these dreams where I’m falling,
that’s where I am now.
And If I use this pen, maybe something great can happen.
Your story line is so complex, I wish
I only had enough time to tell you
It will be fine.

So long, Hope to see you again,
These lights were dimly lit
So long, hope to see you again,
I was hoping for this.

I take this blurry picture make perfection
From your eyes to your complexion
Not a whisper nor a thought, not a kiss nor look be lost

So long, Hope to see you again,
These lights were dimly lit
So long, hope to see you again,
I was hoping for this.

In Exchange for Payment

Written By: Mark Glatzel

Wearing all the right clothes,
Attack the tasks that they uphold
Shoulder by shoulder, lift with your knees or your back will collapse
I think your making this, more complicated
I think we’re making this, more complicated

And I will think of you this time And I will go where ever you want me to go besides

You’re longing past where you’re driving and your chases just began.
What is so special about this these days?
What is so special about you these days?


"From The Headline E.P." July 2007

You can stream a few songs from our record from:


We are on radio

We are also played on Sunday nights on Milwaukee's FM 102.1 on the Local Scene segment. You can stream this radio station on the internet at:

Set List

1. If We’re Alive (3:26)
2. Monologue (4:18)
3. All Purpose Room (3:40)
4. Loose Fit (3:46)
5. So Long (4:57)
6. The Number Fourteen (3:24)
7. In Exchange for Payment (3:31)
8. Charlie, Lets Work It Out (4:24)
9. I’ll Go Along (3:34)