A cathartic, progressive and aggressive instrumental rock outfit that shifts between exuberant melodies, haunting tones, punishing riffs and dynamic experimentation, creating a sound that is at once daring and familiar, raw and plolished, amoebic and structured.


The band's rocky past has given us a great appreciation for eachother on a personal level, and this mutual admiration is the bedrock of all our creative endeavors. We don't necessarily seek fame or fortune; though those would be nice, this band is more about finding and developing a sound that draws from the many influences we have to create something engaging and unique. Though Andre and Jason may lack the traditional training and knowledge of theory that Joel and Eric bring to the table, this mix of perpectives makes crafting songs a very different process. Our influences are myriad, ranging from Jazz to Math Rock, Hip Hop to Drum and Bass, Psychedelic to Punk and Metal to Classical. That said, we've been compared often to Mogwai, the Mars Volta, Bad Brains, Radiohead and many others.

Though we've only started gigging in 2008, the band has gone through myriad personnel changes and tests of character to reach this point. Jason Potvin, originally cast a net for bandmates in 2006, ensaring Andre first. After a few months and a few other musicians, Eric Legaspi followed and brought on a friend of his from Jersey, Joel Dodenhoff, to replace an errant drummer. Difficulty finding a singer has led the band to forge out as an instrumental outfit, and despite the challenges with this type of music, the enthusiatically positive response from our fans has justified this decision.


Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts, our first EP was eleased July 2008. The first of four tracks, "Oceans", can be heard on Jezebel Radio, a streaming player that features bands endorsed by the promotion company, Jezebel Music, based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The record is quite young, but we plan on aggressively promoting it through numerous channels and live shows before returning to the studio next year.

Set List

Weather Underground

Our live sets usually run around 40 minutes, and we try to have as much continuous music as possible while encouraging crowd participation whenever we can - Weather Underground starts with a rhythmic clap from the crowd which helps to bring everyone's attention to the same place. Gallup, Afterbirth, Interlude and Oceans are played more-or-less consecutively, and though we enjoy making announcements and thanking our fans, we prefer to let the music speak for itself. We have been mulling over covers from various genre's, but have yet to find one that really fits our aesthetic