This Music is: Clever and Energetic; Interesting and Bright; Bewitching and Exciting; Progressive and Classical… Fusion of styles from Miles Davis and Weather Report up to King Crimson and Liquid Tension Experiment! Similar you didn’t hear yet!


FROMUZ has been formed in summer 2004 in the Tashkent city.
The history of its creation is very simple. The highly professional sessional guitarist Vitaly Popeloff and his buddy (the novice producer, playing the bass guitar) Andrew Mara-Novik, have decided to play music together. They wanted to compose the music that would bring the greatest pleasure to themselves, could help to splash out emotions, to express their ideas and feelings.
The first experiments having just two of them playing did not suit their expectations. However, the search for like-minded people did not take too much time. The old friends, such as the skilled drummer Vladimir Badirov and composer, arranger and actor Albert Khalmurzayev (taking responsibility for playing the keyboards), came to support the new project. Everyone had his own experience, own taste and zeal, the personal vision of the world. The general joint was the sincere love to real serious music and high demands to the creation and performance. Style and directions of this music were not discussed. It’s been agreed that the music will be instrumental and of high quality, proceeding from all the heart without any public or commercial claim. Common opinion was: no lyrics. It had to raise the requirements to the quality of the instrumental music. Test of the instruments happened to be playing live music at the performance of «Sodom and Gomorrah XXI» show. Which only confirmed their wish to continue the team-creativity.
Our own musical handwriting gradually matured, and has developed into our groups trademark sound.
The first concert of the The FROMUZ took place in April, 2005 in a hall of Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan, and has been organized with the purpose to try the results of creative work on public. The group wanted to check their abilities to attract the audience with such a kind of music and to find concurring people. One more purpose was also to record it and analyze everything afterwards. It was necessary for the further creative process, for increasing of the musical and professional levels.
Also this concert was recorded, taken from video and was released on DVD format. Our debut received allot of high regard from musical critics. They started to talk about us in the ranks of amateur progressive music. And as a result we signed a contract with the company 10T Records ( And in April, 2007 took place our international prime. Has been released double set (CD and DVD) which named “Audio Diplomacy”.
In same to year we successfully played on one of the largest festivals of Progressive and Art Rock BajaProg, Mexicali, Mexico. It was pride and test for us to play on one stage with such monsters as Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Jordan Rudes and bands Focus, Univers Zero, Ritual, RPWL... Fromuz was a success of the concert and has lifted a new wave of conversations from musical observers.
Our creative activity continues to develop. We constantly try to move forward, to look for new ways of embodiment in the life of our creative design, we constantly work with new musical material.
Music by Fromuz is unique and has no analogues in the world.


“Playing The Imitation”, CD, Live recording, 2005, ZIP TOP Company (Uzbekistan)
“Playing The Imitation”, DVD, Live Concert, 2006, ZIP TOP Company (Uzbekistan)
“Audio Diplomacy”, double set CD+DVD, Live recording, 2007, 10T Records (USA)
“Overlook”, CD, Studio recording, 2008 (soon release), 10T Records (USA)

Some songs were repeatedly broadcast on many worldwide radio stations.

Set List

01. Intro
02. From Fromuz
03. Gameplay Imitation
04. Stone Salad
05. The Otherside of Water
06. Crashmind
07. 13th August
08. Return to the W.I.T.
09. Familiarization Results
10. Harry Heller Theater
11. Babylon Dreams
12. Spare Wheel (for encore)

Total time over 2 hours