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From Where They Run

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock Folk


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"From Where They Run, Live at The Parish"

The new five piece band to hit the Austin music scene is quickly becoming a huge sensation. After their appearance on Wednesday, August 18th at The Parish on 6th street, the non-stop buzzing of their new eclectic indie/folk sound is keeping Austinites interested and wanting more. So who is creating all of this excitement in what is known as the music capital of the world? Well the name to remember is From Where They Run and they are like one big family with a whole lot of passion for music.

From their collection of impressive instruments (including a vintage Gretsch drum kit played by Pat Wheeler and two Collings guitars played by Nolan Wheeler and Danny Matthews) the true beauty lies in their rhythmic melodies and down-to-earth lyrics. From the moment From Where They Run struck their first chord, the audience was immediately engaged and dancing up a storm. The right touch of banjo and slide guitar were performed by A.J. Molyneaux and Tyler Wheeler was "slappin' the bass", giving the band a very well-rounded sound. My favorite song of the evening was "Long Hard Road". I couldn't help but be hypnotized by the sound and dance along with the crowd. As the show wrapped up, an encore was demanded by the enthused audience. After a few pausing glances swiped between the band members, the theme to The Jungle Book, "I Wanna Be Like You" was covered by From Where They Run. It literally brought the crowd into a roar and much fun was had.

Their wide range of instruments and true-to-Texas lyrics make every musical note something you can relate to and want to hear time and time again. This is the kind of music I want to turn up loud in my car with the windows down, and jam to on a long road trip with friends. If you are looking for something new to add to your repertoire, From Where They Run will not let you down. Whether you are looking for inspiration or seeking a new sound, you can't go wrong this band.

Hear them. See them headlining at their next show on September 11th at The Parish. Love them. And most importantly, support From Where They Run, a true Austin band.
- Cass Grabowski (Blogspot)

"From Where They Run"

From Where They Run are a true band of brothers. Literally. The members comprised of three brothers, Patrick, Tyler and Nolan Wheeler along with Daniel Matthews and AJ Molyneaux played to a packed house Thursday, November 18th at Momo’s on 6th street. Since the band has played at the venue numerous times, they seemed professionally at ease. Although the band and their equipment invaded the space on stage, they still found room to move around the cramped area and transfer their energy onto the excited audience. It is fair to say that the bands name will be on every one’s lips and their IPod’s in the next few months. With the spontaneity of the musical composition and the diligent exchange of a wide array of instruments on stage, they constantly held the attention of the crowd.

The first song of the night was “Focus,” a slower song with the subtle slide guitar flowing over the crowd as if it were the clam before the storm. However, the following song “Mississippi,” upped the anti. One of their oldest songs known by the majority of the crowd had the audience dancing and singing along with the lead singer, Nolan Wheeler. If the talent of Mr. Molyneaux on the slide guitar was missed during the first song, he surely impressed the crowd during the second number. Throughout the first two songs, the audience was growing in numbers and many stopped their conversations in order to move closer to the stage. It is safe to say that the band are true entertainers, however, they further excited the crowd by playing the song “Sleep When I’m Dead,” which has grown in popularity due to a music video passed around the internet by fans. During the song, Danny Matthews and A.J. Molyneaux traded guitar solos nonchalantly adding energy to the stage presence as well as the song.

Although some might consider the band an indie folk group, it was hard to classify them throughout the night. Songs such as “Call me In The Morning” had an Indie feel to it, while “Ghost in the Valley” was more of a waltz and had the crowd dancing and impersonating their best waltz. The opening riffs of the banjo heavy song added an eerie feel to the tune. The surprising addition of the night was the invitation of the Smoke Stack horn section on stage, whom frequently play with the musician Drew Smith. The group played the remainder of the set with the band including the song “Home for the Holidays,” and a new song, “Workin’ on it.” It was a great song to finish the set due to its upbeat piano intro that will surely be a new hit.

If you have yet to see the band around town, you will have plenty of opportunities throughout the year. A debut CD will also be expected by the beginning of 2011, along with numerous shows in support of the album. You can also find a few songs on the website - The Austin Examiner


First full length record comes out in early Spring, with some singles on the way. It will include 10-12 tracks, and, as for now, will be released independently. You can look for it soon on iTunes, as well as our websites.



WHO: From Where They Run is a five-piece indie/folk rock act comprised of three brothers and two friends living in Austin, TX. The Wheeler Brothers and Danny met in school at LSU, where much of the time was spent picking guitars and telling stories. We also spent many, many weekends captivated by the streets of New Orleans. Long-time friend and singer-songwriter A.J. Molyneaux joined the team in 2010 and has proved to be the missing element of a robust catalogue of taste. Growing up in Texas and Louisiana has certainly had a strong impact on our sound. Our neck of the world has such a rich, diverse and unique culture, it is hard not to want to reach out and include a little taste of it all.

WHAT, WHERE: We have been gigging in Austin for almost a full year now, and play most frequently on the weekends at The Parish and Momo's. We also gig at some of the smaller, more localized venues, such as Hole in the Wall, with Ghost Room and Mohawk soon to be added to the catalog. We have consistently had great turnouts, with as many as 300 people on good weekends. From Where They Run has shared the stage with nationally touring acts, but also many well known local favorites, such as Drew Smith's Lonely Choir, The Eastern Sea, Suzanna Choffel and Noelle Hampton. Regional touring has been limited to Texas and Louisiana, and our first official tour will begin in the Spring of 2011, coinciding with the release of our first LP. Our current fans have been very dedicated and we feel extremely fortunate to have their blessing.

WHY: Home, family and adventure are three key conceptual items in both our writing and lifestyle. Accordingly, we all live together under the same roof. In this home, we live and breathe music. It is constant and organic. We will not have it any other way. We eat together, we write together, we run together, we share everything, and, most importantly, we expect a lot from each other. Still, each member has a unique and separate interest, ranging from classic rock, to alt. country, blues, funk, roots reggae, and all things indie.

As a band, it is our primary goal to make our audience and fans feel like a part of our funny little family, to make everyone feel at home. We want to make every single night memorable, and to truly breathe in the sights and sounds of this great place. Our ultimate hope is that people will feel the same way we feel about music – That it is bigger than you, that it is an adventure, that it should be fun.

HOW: We are in the process of recording our first full length record with Mark Hallman, over at Congress House in Austin. We feel very blessed to have had his guidance and patience in such a painstaking and meticulous process. We are having a blast! Could not have found a more helpful and fun environment in which to record. We will release the record in early Spring.

See yall out there! Please enjoy!