From Where We have fallen

From Where We have fallen


We're a group of people who have a love for music and decided to start a band showing this. Our music is a mixture of: post-hardcore, techno, screamo, and progressive rock,.


From Where We Have Fallen started as an idea between two cousins, Daniel and Bryan... In January 2008 Daniel moved in with Bryan, and both of them had started talking about making a band... Well nothing was done with the idea for a very long time, then one day Matt came over to hangout and Daniel and started showing Matt some of the songs that he had wrote, and talked to Matt about joining the band, Matt was unsure due to the fact that he is/was in another band... So the idea of the band laid dormant for a little while longer, then Daniel started talking to Paul about playing drums, after a few discussions Paul had agreed to play drums and do sound tech... Brad being another cousin of Daniel's and Bryan's they talked to him about playing guitar and doing some vocals for the band, he joined... Now, all that was left was a singer...

Daniel, Bryan, Matt, and Paul all began the search for a singer, and through a friend found Desiree... Soon after that the band began to practice and work on songs, not too long after that Brad left the band for personal reasons, Desiree brought in Cailie... Then Henry came to a practice and played with us, and we all asked him to join as our drummer and talked to Paul and agreed and decided to become our Sound Tech... Then complications arose and due to those complications Desiree and Cailie quit the band, so once again the band was without a singer and second guitar player... The search began once again, Bryan and Matt knew of Faith so the band asked her to sing, and not too long after that Brad returned so From Where We Have Fallen back and very much so alive and kicking...

From Where We Have Fallen


Last Prayer

Written By: Daniel Sikes

You are the one i lay my life down to
I open my heart to you
I believe that one day that ill meet the father
with his thoughts of my failures

If i could turn back time
Id change my regret
And fix the mistakes that i have made before
I stand here praying for a second chance
Hoping you'll find forgiveness in me

Lord i come to you with a heavy heart
Wishing you'll take me with arms wide open
I know what I've done
I wouldn't forgive
But i know you will cause youre my savior

Here i am take me as you will
I don't have the strength to do this anymore
This is my last prayer to you
For tonight im coming home

Band Aid For A Broken Heart

Written By: Brad Thomlinson/Daniel Sikes

I have some questions
You have the answers
Why did you say you love me?
What did i say to you?
Was it just bad timing?
I went and i changed my life for you
You said you were sorry
What did you expect me to do?

I stood with open arms
Hoping you'd come running
But you broke my heart
I didn't see it coming
You said our love was fading
You couldn't be more wrong
So now I'm standing jaded
Here I stand alone


No albums/e.p.s as of yet... Currently writing for first demo called Ashes of the Fallen.

Set List

Last Prayer
Band Aid For A Broken Heart