Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Surf Rock - some tradidtional Surf covers - originals are inspired by 60s Sci-Fi.
Not "clean" surf - kinda like ventures with ramones and the who influences - with a dash of kraftwerk........


Jay McKillop - surf guitar . He meets David Heidelberg - keyboards - they drag in Doug Olberding to play bass and add Mike Comstock to play drums.

Set List

Fronkensteen -vier-

I Curse the Day
Cheese Shoppe
Peeping Tom’s Christmas
Bad Ass Aztec
Research Division
Swimmers’ Itch
To Surf and Protect
Flight Final
Test Site
Cloud Sampling

penetration 2 verses/ Mission Impossible x 1 / penetration bridge and 1 verse /Mission impossible x1
All Day and All of the Night
walk don’t run / If I only had a Brain
Diamond Head - The OC (played in Dec reprise) Odd couple intro
The You Can Tell Me Goodbye
telstar - ramone’s / who style / lonely bull / girl from ipanema )
Choose 1 ( no matter what shape / selections from our massive medley)