Front Bottom

Front Bottom


If Faith No More and Jesus Lizard had a bastard child, he'd be Front Bottom. 4 rockin dudes, with the right attitude, and spirit to bring the party every time!


4 very musical people with varying tastes in music. From Mike Patton, Alice In Chains, Pantera, Melvins, to Frank Sinatra, MSTRKFRT, The Police, Zeppelin, The Beatles, Cubanismo, and every other genre of music under the sun, these guys just play what comes out, and what comes naturally to them.
Don't miss a show with Front Bottom, these guys always bring the fun. They like to hang out with anyone who's looking to hang out....share a laugh, have a beer, and rock out!

As these guys progress, the show becomes more rockin! They are working toward a self produced EP to be released in May 2010. They've played shows to friends and strangers from Chilliwack to Vancouver and back, and the response is always "You guys Kick Ass!" Not one to toot their own horns, cause lets face it, these guys aren't playing any brass, this band is only willing to pass along the praise others see in them. Their goal is to put on a great rock show, to make some friends, and some memories along the way!


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Set List

We do originals. Our set is 45min - 1hr.