Frontera Bugalu

Frontera Bugalu

 El Paso, Texas, USA

Original cumbia and Latin dance music with a political twist from the US/ Mexico border.


If you could imagine a “sound” coming from the border town of El Paso, Texas, what would it be? You might hear traditional and regional Mexican music blaring out of many car windows as you made your way down I-10 and into historic Downtown.But the sound created by the locals in the Southwest desert mostly ranges in various forms of popular music found on this side of the border.Enter Frontera Bugalu.A collaboration between accordionist/singer Kiko Rodriguez and keyboardist Joel Osvaldo, two longtime veterans of El Paso’s punk, rock and roots scene who wanted to reclaim a little bit of that Tejano music tradition that many El Pasoans seemingly forgot or left behind in the 90s.Founded in 2012 after Rodriguez’s musical project, Fuga! disbanded, Frontera Bugalu was a departure, not only for Rodriguez and Osvaldo, but for El Paso’s music scene itself. While Rodriguez’s and Osvaldo’s former projects were known throughout Texas, New Mexico, California and Mexico for fusing a variety of American, Latin, and Caribbean influences, Frontera Bugalu was created to pay homage to the hybrid form of music that could only have been created along the long border that stretches from Brownsville to El Paso.Frontera Bugalu’s mix of high-energy cumbia -- a favorite among such vintage Texas artists like Fito Olivares and Rigo Tovar -- blended flawlessly with other traditional Mexican and other Latin rhythms have garnered them a loyal following in Texas, New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest. The group has opened for the likes of Calle 13, Santa Cecilia, Celso Pina, Los Lobos, and many others.Rodriguez and Osvaldo have recruited only the best musicians El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, have to offer. The ever-evolving and rotating cast of singers and instrumentalists have produced two original studio albums and are currently working on a third, set to be released in late 2018.With a DIY work ethic born from the El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Mex., underground scene and its unique accordion-based music, Frontera Bugalu embodies the new sound of the border, one that embraces both vibrant sides of the Rio Grande and beyond.Music: or on Spotify


Consejos del Pueblo

Written By: Kiko Rodriguez Glenn

Estos consejos del pueblo
No se deben de olvidar

con acordeon y tambores
hoy vamos a recordar

si se impone un mayordomo
hay que saberlo quitar
si hacemos todo el trabajo
hay que saberlo cobrar
no creer en las mentiras
no nos pueden enganar
nuestro valor y cultura
es lo que va importar

esas mentiras que escuchas
nunca seran realidad
hay que ponernos bien trucha
para poder avanzar
esque los tiempos demandan
que te pongas a pensar
si nunca habido justicia
como va ver libertad