Frontier Index

Frontier Index


Bone jarring to tenderhearted, complete with Sweet summer Harmonies....


2005 CASBY Award Nominee for the NXNE Best Independent Release & 2005 Toronto Independent Music Award Winner for Best Rock Group.

Frontier Index grew out of the most humble of circumstances. Two years ago four music fanatics from Stratford, Ontario (Corey Hernden, Mick Jackson, Matt Francis, and John Hunter) gathered in a small kitchen in downtown Toronto. Armed with acoustic guitars, three voices which were born to sing together, and aided by the occasional slug from a bottle the boys played late into the night for themselves and anyone who happened to drop by. In this way, slowly and gracefully, Frontier Index was born. Upon leaving the kitchen, early gigs were surprisingly well attended. Since then, it’s been a game of catch-up. From gigs with the infamous Dan Burke at The Silver Dollar, to becoming something of a mainstay at Toronto’s Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, the boys have become a sonic force to be reckoned within the Toronto music scene.
Before long, their reputation for great live shows brought the boys to the attention of Rainbow Quartz Records, who duly signed them in the fall of 2004. Working through the winter of 2004, Frontier Index recorded their debut album with indie guru Andy Magoffin at his illustrious House of Miracles in London, Ontario. The product of these long winter nights in the studio was a “live” feeling album that runs the gamut from bone rattling to tender hearted, complete with summer sweet harmonies, and all captured straight off the creaky wood floors of Mr. Magoffin’s humble abode; assisted by friends both old and new.
“Frontier Index” the band’s Debut self titled CD will be released by Rainbow Quartz Records on June 28th, 2005 in Canada and distributed by MapleNationwide. US release is August, and International release is slated for Fall ‘05.

Ya’ll been Warned!


Frontier Index have just finished their debut CD. The eleven song offering, produced by Frontier Index was recorded by Andy Magoffin at House of Miracles in London, Ont. The self-titled CD will be released June 28th 2005 by Rainbow Quartz Intl. and distributed by MapleNationwide (Can)and Redeye (US). UK release in the fall.