Frontier Sons

Frontier Sons

 Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Frontier Sons blends aspects of Indie/Alternative rock that pulls you in from the very start with a modern twist on just straight forward rock n' roll. Frontier Sons have a versatile style that hands you bold riffs with hooky melodies, that don't let you forget their southern roots.


The members of Frontier Sons are no strangers to the music scene throughout the southeast. Having played and toured in a few bands in their adolescent years, Andrew Wackerhagen, Daniel Maddox, Rob Royson, and Garrett Eanes came together after almost a year hiatus from music all together. Being friends for years, they were tired of going through the motions with outside musicians and decided to get a house with one another to just start writing music together. They wanted to make a statement with honest straight forward rock n' roll that seems to be lost in the mass of artists now a days. Something seemed to click between the band, and writing just came more natural than ever before. Having gathered a few songs ready to record, Frontier Sons embarked on a massive road trip to record at Fort Worth Sound in Fort Worth, Texas. Returning to South Carolina with a 4 song EP and an ambition to spread their catchy sound. Frontier Sons is looking to spread their brand of southern indie rock n' roll to whoever is caring to hear, through tour, promoting, internet, and everything in between. It's this drive that shows the huge potential these 4 friends have in their music, just take a listen and you'll know, Frontier Sons will make a name for themselves within the music industry.


Frontier Sons EP - 2011
(EP release August 18th)
Kerosene featured on 99.3 WXRY Columbia

Set List

This Side (Unreleased Track)
New Song (Song for future album)
Sleep Well
Last Call