Frontline Warriors

Frontline Warriors

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Frontline Warriors are a spiritually strong group caged up with a variety of rap/hip-hop/reggae skillz and techniqes, which makes us multi-talented. I feel all we need is one break and we'll take the world by storm.


Our influences comes from possitive aspects of life,,and we promote possitivity. We are deeply spiritually inclined with God. We grew as individuals but along the line of life we polished our skillz together proving that opposites do attract. Blizzard keeps it cool,whereas Blaze heats it up & well we all know what happends when u mix hot with cold. You usually get a tornado. We plan to bring a completely new style to the rap industry dispite our age's,and where we are from (Bahamas).
We plan to have a possitive inpact on the youth seeing that our lyrics are mostly directed towards them. along with this seeing that our lyrics are all possitive it gives us an unlimited amount of sales seeing that we can cater to all audiences.
Our music therefore breaks the barrier between secular and gospel music therefore bringing both groups together.


1.Think Twice
4.Warriors Anthem
-Our tracks receive local airplay

Set List

1.Think Twice-4:14
4.Warriors Anthem-3:41

-we currintly have 14 songs