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Newark, Delaware, United States | INDIE

Newark, Delaware, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


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With that above quote from the new mixtape from Frontlynaz Inc.’s member Proph1 this project starts off with a thunderous crack! Proph1’s Y.B.R Mixtape Volume 1 (Young, Black & Righteous) is a solid Christ centered collection of tracks. Proph1 places Christ on the set thru each track and represents Him well. From the a cappella intro track to the thumpin’ “Proph’s Block” to dance tracks, this album gives a good blend of styles. Proph1 delivers his lyrics and flow very well.

One of the criticisms of Holy Hip Hop is the failure to address social ills like poverty and crime to manly focus on theology. Proph1 addresses these issues in tracks “Free” and “The World”. Proph not only speak on these problems but Christ was presented as the answer as well. Very Good Proph1.

Track “Keep it holy” ft. Jillian is a dance track that reminds believers that we can have a good time dancing but to keep our mind on the Lord. More versatility is heard with “Speak to You”. This track is a heartfelt conversation between a believer and God. God reassures the believer he is not alone and that He will see the believer through all circumstances.

My HTRB (Hit The Repeat Button) for this project is “No Sin”. This track contains what I love about Holy Hip Hop. Smokin’ hot beats that blends with lyrics that are committed to biblical mandates. “No Sin” encourages the listener to strive to live in holiness with the empowerment of the Lord. Can’t say enough about this track.

Y.B.R. is a well-done and well produced mixtape. Christ Jesus is presented and promoted with sincerity. Along with an unashamed message of the gospel this is a project that I can recommend without any reservations. Big Ups to Proph1 for this Jesus saturated project!
- Holy Culture Radio (Album Reviews)

Frontlynaz, inc. to release groundbreaking Concept Album, titled GAMEDAY.

Available worldwide Nov. 2, 2004 exclusively at while supplies last.

ePressKit: - Frontlynaz, inc.

The 2009 Stellar Awards nominee lists was announced today, and Frontlynaz Inc was nominated alongside artists such Da T.R.U.T.H, Trip Lee and Sho Baraka - Gospel Flava

Frontlynaz artists Brother Wize, and Witness have been voted among Myspace's 10 artists in the state of DE..One should only do a quick search to see that the Lord has allowed the Frontlynaz sound to reach the masses. - Myspace

Groups like Frontlynaz are the reason I’m so mad that Christian music doesn’t have more exposure or the respect it deserves. And if you’ve never heard of the Fronlynaz consider this your official introduction. Bringing a decidedly West Coast awareness to their East Coast style, “Game Over” is an album that is steeped in urban culture, boasts solid production, and offers hard-hitting lyrics that actually have substance. Not to mention, these boys walk and spit with a grace-saturated swagger that is a feast for the ears.

“Clap At Em” starts out and sets the tone for the album. Rigz guests on the track and his presence adds a certain measure of depth. “Like Dat” sounds like it could have been produced by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, but it features a decidedly Christian message. Title track “Game Over” boasts a crisp beat while slowing things down a bit for the listener. “Gunz Down” bangs. No pun intended. Okay, pun intended. Taking a look at the consequences of foolishly trying to live a gangsta lifestyle, Frontlynaz show it for what it really is—dumb. “Friends No More” is a piece that speaks about what it is like to turn to Christ and lose one’s friends in the process. “Worship,” Da Banga,” and “Lyna Anthem” are all dope and merit multiple spins. “Lights Out” is the hardest-hitting track on the album. “Witness This” calls out thug rappers who have inundated the culture with mindless messages that have made today’s youth act mindlessly. It had me laughing and contemplative at the same time.

There are only a few tracks that didn’t resonate with me, such as “Survival Of The Fittest” and “Day By Day.” They might sit well with others, but they just seemed to pale in comparison to the rest of the album, lyrically and musically.

“Game Over” is an album that belongs in your collection. These talented emcees are poised to take over the Christian rap world if they continue making music like this. They’ve got the talent and cultural sensibilities of acts like Black Eyed Peas and Mos Def and the delivery of 4th Avenue Jones or L.A. Symphony.


The Frontlynaz are gospelhiphops best kept secret. After releasing Thunderground 1 and 2 they've now released the album Game Over.The cd was certainly worth the wait. The cd starts with the track Clap At Em. The beat is hot! They make it clear that they roll with God and that their not here to be funny. Like Dat is a party track in which they tell that their living with Jesus. The titelsong Game Over is a ruff track. The Frontlynaz tell us the story about the 7 years of preparation that it cost to make the album. It's time for The Frontlynaz. They're changing the rules of the Game. What I See is a song about the suffering we see in the world. People that have no goal in life. It's time for a change! Gunz Down is the first single. In their first hit they ask the gangstas to lay down their Gunz and change their life style. The album is full of songs that make you stop and pause. They stay in your head for a long time. This is for sure the best hip hop gospelalbum of 2008. Frontlynaz are no one hit wonders. They are definetly here to stay.

This album gets 4,5 of the 5 stars.


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To check out the new interview with Stellar Nominated Frontlynaz. Learn more about the criews view on music, politics and ministry.


The saying goes, "you can't judge a book by its cover." What that simply means is you can't always judge something by how it appears on the surface. Those who only look at the cover more than likely will hate on you. But if you actually open up the book and get into the heart of it - you begin to see things in a different light. You begin to show love.

It was true with Jesus' day. He was the blessing of all blessings, sent to deliver a dying world. Yet some weren't able to see it and they crucified him. It is true today as well. All you have to do is look at a group by the name Frontlynaz.

I had a chance to get with the Frontlynaz to discuss their recent Stellar Award nomination. We also got it in pretty deep at one point, talking about their approach to ministry, critics and more. Find out what Brother Wize (aka Johnny Storm), Proph (Prophetik 1) and Wit (Witness) had on their hearts.

What's up my winners? What's good with Frontlynaz?

Wize: We're doing well and just enjoying the power of God in our lives. We wouldn't be having this interview unless the Lord was doing something good in us! Thanks for the interview!

Proph: Chilling bro. Just on the grind as usual.

Wit: Whattup Zee.

Word, word... Congrats on your Stellar Award Nomination for Rap/Hip Hop CD of the Year! When did you first hear you were possibly being nominated?

Proph: Thanks, for real man it's been a huge blessing for us. Honestly we weren't even thinking about the Stellar's. We were focused on figuring out better ways to promote the album and possibly put together a tour or something.

Wize: We learned about our first round nomination a couple months ago after coming back from a show in Sacramento.

How do you think that even came about?

Proph: We got an email from the Stellar board saying that we had been selected via write-in nomination for the award.

Wize: I've been praying for the Lord to bless that person abundantly.

[laughs] That's funny, man. Were you surprised?

Wit: Yes we were surprised [laughs].

Wize: I was surprised but what's a miracle without a little surprise mixed in?

Wit: I mean our album wasn't promoted on major scales or any of that, but we were contacted and told that we were a write-in nomination for hip hop album of the we were like hey....WE'LL TAKE IT!!

Proph: I was surprised, not in the fact that we don't have faith in our music, but let's be real our exposure isn't what CM's and Reach's are so we were kinda surprised that it made it up to that level. Straight Ephesians 3:20 in action...

Wit: It's definitely a good look for us. As an independent group, we feel like we are carrying on our backs a lot of the unknown indie artists that don't have the exposure or budgets that these bigger labels do, so we're trying to bring light to some of these other artists putting in work for the kingdom on the independent side.

I really took note of y'all when Thunderground Volume 2 came out. That's one of my favorite mixtapes of all-time by the way. It made me look at your previous work and since then I've noticed nothing but a striving for excellence on your part. Y'all don't cut any corners.

Wit: That's what's up. Then you'll love Thunderground Volume 3! Shameless plug! [laughs]

Proph: Definitely have a burden and a striving for excellence in all areas of life.

Wit: Nah, but for real, it's always good to get recognition especially after you put in so much time and work on a project. We believe that we must strive for excellence in everything we do, so in turn that requires a lot of work on our end. A lot of people don't know that there were a lot of songs that didn't even make the final cut for the album. There are some songs on the album that were mixed probably 8 or 9 times. You can ask Esso (DJ Essence of Lampmode), me and him did all of the mixing on the project. The album was professionally mastered at least two different times. Even the artwork was changed at least three times. So pretty much what I'm getting at is that we put in a lot of work, and it's good to see that it was a fruitful investment of time.

- Zee-


Frontlynaz, Inc - EP 2003
Thunderground, Vol. 1 - Mixtape CD 2004
GAMEDAY - LP 2004 (released Nov. 2)
Thunderground Vol. 2 - Mixtape CD 2005
Frontlynaz presents: Proph 1- Y.B.R. Mixtape 2006




To Labels: Frontlynaz are currently open to record deal and distribution negotiations.

Culture shocking, trend setting, influential, powerful...that is the Frontlynaz. A viral underground phenom group, Frontlynaz are ushering in the new age of hip hop/ RAP music. Frontlynaz proclaim "Game Over" to the industry standard and are bringing hot culture shocking rhymes, top notch production, and beyond the norm hip hop. All wrapped around a message of purpose.

Frontlynaz have performed in numerous states along the east coast and have stretched across to the west coast. In addition to their U.S. impact, they have performed in the West Indies, Nigeria, and have developed a viral fan base in Singapore, Europe, Australia and Canada. Frontlynaz have shared the stage with a variety of artists such as Donnie McClurkin, The Katinas, Ki Ki Sheard, Ty Tribbet among others. Their 2008 release, “GAMEOVER”, was nominated for a Stellar Gospel Award in the category of Best Rap / Hip Hop Album of the Year.

Hailing from DE and NJ, these artists Bro. Wize, Proph 1 and Wit bring a fresh perspective to hip hop with undeniable style. Their music pierces pop culture, provides a positive alternative to the norm, and breaks into the soul of the listener.

This Is Frontlynaz.

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