Front Toward Enemy

Front Toward Enemy


This iron clad, Portland, OR band has been described as a synthesis of several genres. They expand into metallic and punk rock - even "grunge" - sounds, while maintaining their roots in Rock.


This band formed out of Portland, OR. The four original members are Nick Anthony (bass/vocals), Nick Michael (lead guitar), Cory Vanagas (rhythm guitar), and Justin Goddard (drums). One Portland fan, after hearing FTE said, "You know what I heard? The truth." FTE certainly doesn't f@$% around, but they don't take themselves too seriously either.

FTE is currently finishing their debut album, "Facing the Dragon," set to release in Summer 09. The band is currently touring the NW, and intends to do a tour throughout the entire US upon release of their album.

They have a very unique sound. Sometimes "dark", and other times, "light", they are a very difficult group to categorize, musically. One Portland fan stated they sounded like a mix between "The Offspring" and "System of a Down". The most that can be said about them is that they're new, they're good, and you should check them out.

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Debut album, "Facing the Dragon" due Summer, 2009

Set List

45min-1hr Set List:
To Be Okay
Madd Riff
Movie Star
Facing the Dragon
Fire of a Friend
Blue Moon