Rochester, New York, USA

Froth is an original rock power-trio that plays jam-band inspired rock fused with blues and alt country. Founded in 2003, Matt Conn and Chris Roberts started off in Matt's basement writing and playing original tunes. Along the way, they added bassist Dale Barnard.


In the tradition of many other jam bands, no two Froth shows are ever the same — and they continue to get bigger and better each time. In addition to featuring powerful, fan-faves like Alter Ego, Tuba, Seek & Hide, Shuffle and Scatter, to name a few, each Froth set is peppered with an eclectic mix of unique covers by artists such as Wilco, Howlin' Wolf, The Who, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Wilco, The Beatles, the Grateful Dead and more.

In 2010, Froth released their first studio album, eponymously titled "Froth," available on CD Baby, iTunes and at live shows. The album was produced by Froth and its 11 tracks show the diverse range of influences on Froth's energetic sound. From powerful pop-rockers like Seek and Hide and the introspective Shuffle to the funk-jam anthems Scatter and Tuba, each track evokes hints of various styles while at the same time asserting themselves as original and possessing a truly unique groove. Monkeyshine and Take this Monkey off My Back are alt country rockers that deal with universal issues of self-motivation and self-medication. Fog asks the question, 'what would a Transylvanian rock waltz sound like?' Low Highlands Traveller and Hey What > Horsey Ride are essentially vehicles for each member to show off their precision chops.

Lyrically the band explores themes that are both serious and comical. Tuba imagines what could happen if people attended a pseudo-patriotic parade are were sucked up into a giant government tuba, ultimately becoming part of a hate machine. Scatter tells the tale of young man on a psychedelic journey to get back to his seat at a giant concert. Alter Ego is what it sounds like: as we age, we often regret the things we didn't do, leading us to sometimes do things we regret in an effort to be someone we're not. Seek and Hide and Shuffle are flip sides of the same coin: the former being a song of hope, the latter being a pessimistic tale of how our better days lie behind us, not ahead. The line "Tied to someone else's game" is perhaps the line that speaks the most universal truth that anyone who's worked for anyone else can relate to. But fear not, because Seek and Hide assures us that "there's a lot more you can be."



Written By: © 2010, Matt Conn & Chris Roberts


Welcome to the world of short attention spans
We operate on one and zero time
You gotta think fast
Gotta think on your feet
Now your wishes are complete.

No time for denial
No time to explore
Plug me in and take a ride
It sure as hell ain’t what’s inside
Analog, no more.

Am7 F G
Falling backwards into the future
Am7 F G
Riding on a techno wave
Am7 F G
Living fast and dying empty.
Tied to someone else’s game.
(repeat last line 2x)

Welcome to a world of ineffective plans
We operate on impulse and make demands
You should never be last
If you want to compete
Gotta learn to never get beat

Welcome to a world where the glass is half round
Pull the alarm for the piercing sound
An empty vessel light and free
That’s all that’s left of me


So move along and shuffle on in
Pack a bag and beat it down the line
Shuffle in and shuffle out of time
You are ready, steady and divine

C > D > E > F > E > D > C
(repeat 3x)
C > D > E > F > G

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Written By: © 2010, Matt Conn & Chris Roberts

the bigger the man
the bigger the fan
it’s all part of a government plan

the bigger the gun
the bigger the fun
the second amendment is priority one

Are the men that sound so deep
really this shallow?
You must invoke the name of god
or campaign funds go hollow.

The bigger the blame
The lesser the shame
It?s all part of the company game

The bigger the crime
The shorter the time
Get out of Jail free when you?drop the dime.


Seek & Hide

Written By: © 2010, Matt Conn & Chris Roberts

There's a place I know near nowhere, never let 'em see you go there.
There's a place I know near nowhere, never let 'em see you go there.

One day, you'll see, there's a lot more you can be.
One day, you'll see, there's a lot more you can be.


Froth 2010