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Frozen Gentlemen

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"Jersey City Independent"

This chaotic quartet just put out a brand new CD, an eponymous album featuring ten songs of otherworldly funk-rock. …they combine their efforts in a relentless assault against all things not funky and awesome. Their sound is the sort of thing you’d hear in the background of Tarantino film set in the 1970s … or perhaps during the action sequence of a robot fighting a gang of rabid jackals. Their set was a straight up riot. - Zac Clark


Released: July 11th, 2009
Produced by Mido S. and Jackie M.
Recorded at FG1 in Clifton, NJ

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Frozen Gentlemen take the best (and often most overlooked) elements of the era when groove was king and somehow evoke a world in which the urban synth color, air-tight “Beegees on meth vocal harmonies”, bass-thump sounds from late 70s/early 80s soul and disco sound genuinely futuristic. It is a testament to their novel creativity that what on the surface sounds like something rocketing beyond us from the past somehow warps back around us and returns from the future with the intensity of a ship powered by a supernova. Their songs, rooted deeply in a synthesis of urban and industrial sounds that evoke the woven matrix of street corners, high octane nighlife and the neon reality of of growing up in a society in which consumerism is king, have nothing less than human passion (and its scars) at their center. Frozen Gentlemen, singing of catfights on the street, barstool pleas for a magical safe ride home, and staking out one’s own place in a cat eat dog world, bring forth a sound that has the nothing less than the human soul fighting, clawing and pumping through the cold streets. The streets are safe now. - Deivis Garcia