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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



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Feeling a bit camera shy


We are from Chicago

1998: Tim Graves and Brad Palmer began recording stuff. Sometimes this would just be a drum track, sometimes keyboard part, or guitar or bass part, but all the music was played and recorded by Brad and Tim. The tracks were then mixed on a 4-track tape recorder, and then uploaded to a computer to be roughly mixed on to CD. This was actually kind of a new way to record a demo at the time, expecially with the limited budget of pocket change. However; the finished product, while of rough quality, was good enough to create local attention at our school at the time. The educational song "perodic table of elements" was used in the science class at the school, and is still used today.
1998/1999: Tim and Brad graduate High School, and make a second CD entitiled "Hemidemisemiquaver". The recording technique quality is greatly improved. Also, a few other people are brought in to help with the instrumentation. Daryl Largent sang lead vocals on "the purtian song" which is currently being used in several educational classrooms. Tammy Saurman added several saxiphone parts, and other horn parts were added by Denny Dayton and Jennifer Lauderback. Most of the songs on the CD were aired on Akron's Public Radio Station: 91.3 FM. This included an hour show with interview, and several airings of the song "unspoken anger" as a local spotlight.
2000: Frozen Inertia get help, by adding an extra 13 people on the CD "Frozen Inertia and Their Fake Band". This created the most full sounding recordings to date. Simon Shaffer was added to the live band and played guitar on most of the tracks on that album. The band were able to play several successful live gigs around the local Akron/Canton area, and create a small fan base, that to this day, the band is un-aware of.
2001: Tim gets commerical, and joins a band called "Glass Jo" in late 2000, which, in retrospect helped (or hurt) the writing skills of the Frozen Inertia band. Brad Joined the band on drums in late 2001 and the band played extensively around the Akron/Canton are and parts of Pennsilvana. Tim also learns about the unusal business side of band managers and producers through random conversations and visits to Los Angeles.
2002: Tim Gets Greedy, and moves to Toledo to finish college. Also, creates Frozen Inertia: Phase 4, which is a mix of electronic, and drum heavy music. Brad plays drums half the album, but the sound of live drums is mostly missing. It's considered to be a transitional album.
2003: A band in two locations, Tim currently lives in Chicago, and is recording material with Brad via long distance. The Idea for the new CD is to take the best elements, and songs from the previous 5 years, re-record and re-write them, and create a kick ass collection of about 10 songs. The sounds will have elements of the "garage" sound of the first CD mixed with the live "jazz" sound of the third cd, and blend it with the electronic sound of the fourth. It'll be done when we feel like it....