Sacramento, California, USA

Momo is a local musician with a lot of soul, steady growing fan base and a lot of upcoming projects with other artists. Writes and creates all original music---mostly acoustic. Puts in %110 in everything!

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5 Steps

Written By: Malikah "Momo" Jones

Verse 1:

Why is my heart so childish when I look at you?

I always end up like this, with so much to prove…

Caught in confusion---

Some far out delusion,

Of what’s really happening with you and me.

I look in your eyes…my mind tells me lies,

She says that someday you’ll be mine...

You take my hand, my heart doesn’t understand---

Ignoring everything but the master plan~~~


Step 1: You’ll tell me I’m the one.

Step 2: How about me & you?

Step 3: Take a chance and see

Who knows~~~

Step 4: Beg me for more.

Step 5: ...waited my whole life---

Just for you to say you want me by your side.

Verse 2:

Baby, I just want you to hold me like you’re supposed to.

…but maybe I’m a fool to love you as I do?

This heart, inside me---

Like a child, she’s crying,

Screaming “Baby, please---come back to me.”

Feeling you pull away…can't go back to yesterday.

Can’t pretend we said what we needed to say…

Still, you take my hand, my heart can’t understand---

Is it all a part of your master plan?

(Repeat Chorus)