Flavors of country, folk, 60s garage sounds, and classic rock, pressed through the blender of this international group.


FRUITKEY is a group lead by JASON GLASSER (former member of Clem Snide), an American artist and musician expatriate who has been living in France for the past 4 years. The project started with recording experiments carried out by Jason in a closet in Brooklyn, New-York, in 2002. To bring the music of this album to the stage, he assembled a group of what he likes to call “the wildest wooly mammoths and rare and beautiful birds of Europe”. A group who has added a considerable amount of energy and spontaneity to the music. Today the music of Fruitkey has evolved into a sort of modern garage folk rock. «CHEVALINE», the second album of FRUITKEY, has been released in May, 2007.


Beauty is, 2005
Chevaline, 2007

Set List

Mostly original songs, a couple of covers...