Fruit of the original Sin

Fruit of the original Sin


A raw, enegeryloaded mix of AlternativeRock with Electronic influence and a Wild, Hypnotizing,ans Amazing Live performence! (Extremly nutritious for the ears)
There is not one weak moment !!


Fruit of the Original Sin was born in 2006 by Singer/Songwriter and Guitarplayer Freek Philippi. The Band has an own and verry full Guitarsound with Electronic Influences. Influeced by Bands as Millionaire, Smashing Pumpkins,My Bloody Valentine and Nine Inch Nails. Their Musik sound sometimes a bit like, Grunge, Shoegazer and even Industrial. The played a lot of shows in Holland and hat a lot of verry good and positive Critics in Holland. On several Radioshows and in all the Dutch Musikpress.


In Sep. 2006 the Album "BLEACH THE SKY" came out. Airplay from the Album came on Dutch T.V (RTL4, Winterbase TMF, Lotte Talpa) Also on KinkFM. Musikmaker wrote about tthe Album; "A perfect Album!"

In Dec. 210 came the Album "BENEATH THE SURFACE" out. Rec. at Gooi&vecht Studio ans Studio 33. Masterd by Jarno Volman from Gold Studio Soundz Mastering Nijmwegen. On the VPRO 3voor12 the Album scored 4 stars. Jann Didden from Festvalinfo wrote; "Beneath the Surface is a verry strong Album without any weak moment. You just have to Listen to it over and over and over again!"

Set List

Sink untill I Drown
Silent Machine
No more blue Tommorows
Infernal Machine
And some more...............