Fry Cook

Fry Cook


Drawing influence ranging from PAIN to Mr. Bungle, Fry Cook's eclectic, underground sound CANNOT be labeled. With exceptional, all original music, hilarious onstage antics, and endless bantering, Fry Cook can force an audience to walk a fine line between rage and orgasm.


Fry Cook is a three-piece band that enjoys jumping rope, long walks on the cheese, and oversized, cartoon-like fishbowls. The band was formed in 1998 when James Johnson picked up an ad in a local music store. It read, "Art Pace, Drummer." The rest is moose eggs. For the first three years, Fry Cook was instrumental. It wasn't until 2001 when Jeff Brewton joined that the band first started incorporating vocals into the mix. This change was brought on by rechargeable batteries and a few different toys that were manufactured by Mattel and later recalled. The music had already become a unique style that no one could categorize. Even with Fry Cook being strictly instrumental, they had gathered an impressive following. Once the songs became filled with singing and catchy death metal screams, everyone then knew that Fry Cook had truly tapped a new, original vein of music.
Over the next year and a half, they wrote and recorded new material. After this task, they went on jogging adventures across nowhere only to find themselves somewhere close to everythingwhere. After writing and recording five songs in the summer of 2002, Fry Cook slapped a tour together that sent them all the way to Las Vegas and back. This is when the band learned how to prevent forest fires and tie jizz-knots.
They toured the following winter, spring, summer, and fall regionally while writing and recording six new tracks. Some of these tracks were included in the now legendary EP “Low Bud Get,” which was a follow-up to their first release “Crookwards.” Then in the fall of 2003, two weeks of pure madness took them into the great state of New York and back. When they returned, they recorded two final songs, and they were ready to release their first LP on Existing Records. Its title "Shoebyfour" was inspired by total randomness.
To this day, Fry Cook remains one of the most beloved bands in the Port City. Recently, they have been signed to Trashcan Skeleton Management and have gained sponsorship by The Mobile Enclave Church of the Subgenius as their official "slackband." In 2005, they had the good fortune to perform on the WTKX Discovery Stage at Pensacola's SpringFest, where they stole the show and drew attention and individuals away from Cracker. If you have decided to book Fry Cook for your venue, then you've made the right choice. Their authentic style and attitude will leave your audience begging for more or wondering what just hit them!


Anger Man

Written By: Johnson, Brewton, Pace

Grass grows much more faster when you look away
I don't know your name
Cause I can't see through your face, and I am...
Fuck you, I don't want you to
Remember me! I don't wanna know!
Don't use handcream, Just like cantiene
I think its empty, Just like
You don't know me
Life grows much more lazy when you take a break
This grass has grown to tall
I can't seem to see at all
But somehow I see whats in the sky
A million stars and one thousand shades
Of Pain

Keep the Change

Written By: Johnson, Pace, Brewton

Have you ever seen a question
Walk away from an answer
I see it every day
It's written on our faces
Every day every day
Follow this line and fill in the spaces
We're making them traces of each
Step we're making still it seems
We're making no changes
Have you ever seen a chicken
Cross the road and then
Take a bullet for the rest of us
I'm shitting through my fingers
Because of what I have seen
Keep your feet dry, but don't use my shoes
No its over forever and each
Step we're making still it seems
We're making no changes
I could sit here and watch you forever
I just stood there and watched you forever


Written By: Johnson, Pace, Brewton

Lookin back in time
Its like steppin out of line
No cutting in
You just stay in your place
Today yeah
Tomorrow is a day that will
Soon become a yester
Right now is the moment
In which I currently stay
Its lonely at the start
And lonely at the end
If we're stading in the middle
Then where do we begin
And now that I'm trying to try again
I don't know where to begin
Or how to write with the end of this pen
Are you ready for a guitar riff
That sounds just like some theme
Off some T.V. show, here we go


"Crookwards" (LP 2001)
"Low Bud Get" (EP 2002)
"Shoebyfour" (LP 2005 on Existing Records)

Set List

Typical Set List (30-60+ min.)

DMH Burger
Anger Man
Keep the Change
Ace Cheeseman
Music in my Penis