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I'm Finna

Written By: Jamieson Woodley, Quincy Hall

verse 1 Q: Surprise surprise. Guess who it is. That boy from the dirty that's known to handle his. Watch me wreck shop like a black'n'decker. Your girl lookin' at me so you might wanna check her, 'fo she end up on my lap. Fingers gon' snap. Hands gon clap, then homie it's a wrap. I got mozzerella cheese, but i want a whole block. My car need Gas. I'm lactose in tollerant now. Don't hold me back. Let me attack. put ya hands in the air. If you're real it's like that. I had 5 energy drinks, and man i'm crunk. i feel like i can break dance and stand up and dunk. Soldier boy said superman her. I say batman her. I hold it
down for the "A" and i ain't talkin' ' bout Atlanta. still switchin' channels, drinkin' tropicanna. they ask me where i got my flow, and i say ALABAMA!!!

Hook: I'm finna let it go. (GO!) I'm finna let you know. (OH!) I'm finna get ya mind bent. where the time went? I'm finna take you to the top flo' elevate ya mind for sho'. ooooh I'M FINNA!!! (repeat hook once)

verse 2 GODSMAN: This a party right? Who wanna get bent? Wanna let your mind go 'til you forget where it went? I can take it to a place that i know that it's never been, 'cause i know they never spin no hits like this where chicks get tipsy and dudes get ripped, because bar tenders eat off tips, and club owners eat off trips to the bar for more sips. So they don't wanna play this if I ain't usin' this gift to convince yall kids to get twisss-ted. I don't wanna give in, but we gotta get spins. Guess we gon' get bent then. Guess i gotta dig in ya mind like a chicken dinner. Been gettin' thinner. Been a minute since i got up in a little mind and made it bigger. Made it bend bra'. Maybe send ya in a new direction. i work for your best friend that's whty the call me GODSMAN, unh.

Repeat hook twice.

verse 3 GODSMAN: (i'm finna let it go) This creative dynamo. that oh so powerful glow that we call the flow. (i'm finna let ya know) so much more than the dough get knowlege. i's the only way your souls gon' grow. (i'm finna let it go) where it stops at the top, and you can catch a ride like a hitcher get'cha itchy. (i'm finna le ya know) wht you thought you knew was true wouldn't be true to you if you truly thought it through.

verse 4 Q: (i'm finna let it go) so catch it if you can. i know you hear me man. don't be actin' like you too cool to understand. formulate a plan. when it comes to hits we supply you demand. (i'm finna let you know) you fall or you stand i stand cause i can give it to you like this, 'cause i'm a grown man. we the best in the land. keep the wheels turnin' stay cooler than a fan.

repeat hook twice.

Be Strong

Written By: Jamieson Woodley, Quincy Hall

intro GODSMAN (speaking): take it from us. we been there yall. just hold on, be strong. you'll make it home.
Q (singing): yea though i walk through the valley of death, i'll make it home if i just be strong.

verse 1 GODSMAN: in somebody's town somebody's down 'cause somebody's not around. no body underground yet. it's just somebody's outta town, or better yet outta country, fightin' for a country that's fightin' to keep that spotlight and number 1 seed. while his son pleads at night, "daddy come please. i'm a big kid now. see how i wear my undies?" and the baby cries 'cause she's wet. plus she ain't met her daddy yet. he had to get to war, and her mommy hadn't had her yet. or better yet, the rain gets wetter when you consider men who spent their life battlin' storms as street veterans. to keep cheddar then, you gotta be better and smarter and harder than them, and willin' to loose a friend or maybe 2 of them. 'fo you know it ya crew is slim. bullets went through ya men. you're holdin' your best friend. you a mess then, cause slugs caved his chest in. soon he'll be restin'. no pain like cold rain.

hook Q (singing): no matter what goes wrong, life goes on. you got a race to run. just hold on. no weapons that they form can bring you harm. you gotta fight in life. just be strong.

verse 2 Q: my state ain't seen me in bout 8, 9 years. i'm the reason why my mamma'n them cryin' tears. genocide, homicide, suicide you name it. we got held down for hudreds of years and over came it. black kings and queens do some incredible things. push your fears to the side and fulfill your dreams. right now as i speak my homies blood paintin' the streets. we killin' each other over rhymes and beats. stop a minute. just read the army times. it ain't ended we still payin' the ultimate price. they shootin' rpg's through our hum-v's. the government offerin' handouts and expect us to say please. dead soldiers increasin'. the war ain't ceasin'. sometimes i sit and wonder what's really the reason. i wise woman once told me, "son it ain't gon be long. just keep ya mind right, hold your head high and be strong.

repeat hook once.

outro GODSMAN (speaking): this song is from our hearts, because our hearts go out to every soldier who's life and family have been uprooted by this senseless war, and as long as our hearts beat, we'll never forget that sacrafice. FULL SPEED AHEAD.

We Rep The fewTURE

Written By: Jamieson Woodley, Qincy Hall

intro GODSMAN speaking with a little girl (GODSMAN): hey lil lady. can we roll wit' yall? (girl): who are you? (GODSMAN):FSA8. (girl): what's that mean? (GODSMAN): FULL SPEED AHEAD8. We reppin' The fewTURE. haha. (girl): what's that mean?

verse1 GODSMAN: well peak in the booth and be amazed to see my brain leakin' and oozin' and drainin' as i'm speakin' to you. 'cause see my changed shape when it elevated. the devil hate it. took me to a level greater than your escalade bra', or the baddest "gansta" rapper your average faker. for makin' this so easy guys i really gotta thank ya. only so many ways that you can say that you're a "gangsta" before it starts to sound the same, and people complain, "every song the same thang, bang bang, slang caine to make change for bling bling. everybody gang bang, and everybody wanna change the game", but more thangs stay the same the more that the game change...maybe that's outta your range, or maybe that's the only way that i know how to complain. 'cause if i said what i wanted to say then someone could say that i'm startin' trouble today and i don't want it that way. i want us to pray. bow your heads. Father forgive us 'cause we're stupid for not appreciating why you've given us this music. 'bout to loose it, the gift that you give us, the strength you put in us in Genesis when you blew your breath and your spirit went in us. and when we flip to the endin' we see you return with a vengance. in the beginning was your Word and in your Word this was written. FSA8, FULL SPEED AHEAD8 don't let us leave you behind. givin' you more than just a piece of our mind. a peace that's devine comes over me every time that i put pen to paper. i been sent to make ya use that brain He gave ya for somthin' better than a money maker. who needs a creator if we're gonna let the money make us. well FSA8 does, need Him that is. we know that like we know we gotta be teachin' the kids and reachin' the youth. elevatin' minds by preachin the truth. we are the few, FULL SPEED AHEAD8 we reppin' the few-cha!

Hook: they say down at the play ground (We Rep The fewTURE. we ain't got to shoot but we will come through and elevate your mind) the most important people hang around. (We Rep The fewTURE. we ain't got to shoot but we will come through and elevate your mind) can we be down? can we be down wit' yall? (yeah!) hang around wit' yall? (yeah!) create an innovative elevated sound for yall? (ok.!) we tryin' to take you to the top we'll never let you fall (uh huh!) trust us 'cause we only want the best for yall. can we be down wit' yall? (yeah!) hang around wit' yall? (yeah!) create an innovative elevated sound for yall? (ok.!) we tryin' to take you to the top we'll never let you fall (uh huh!) FULL SPEED AHEAD8 only wants the best for yall. can we, can we rep The fewTURE yall? (yeah!)

verse 2 Q: ease your mind. let your concience be free. you're about to be introduced to FSA8 philosophy, and quite possibly a changin' of the gaurd. swipe ya credit card, enter you pin and pay your part. information is power. i think i need a surge protector. the queen is on the thrown alone yet we neglect her. the babies gettin' rabies from these dogs and cats, also known as dudes and chicks, pimps and tricks. this leader was born from the mountain of the monkey's head wit' a tatoo on his arm that read FULL SPEED AHEAD8. i was destined to inspire thought in clouded minds. i'll probably run outta time before i run outta rhymes. i'm sick of hearin' rapper floss. they should be gohst ridin' the back of their whips 'cvause they're all gar-bage. rhymin' without enlightenin' youth is somethin' like tryin' to floss and whiten 1 tooth. it just makes no sense at all, 'cause it all falls down to the flo', and when you try to bring it back it comes back so so, but it'll never be the same, and i could never be a lame, especially when i'm hot-gluin' this here to your brain. satan throwin' a party and we all invited. you can trust sparks gon' fly. they all ignitin'. that's why i'm writin' this rhyme for a knight in shinnin' armor or a suicide bomber (boom!) 'cause we all need a cause to live or die for, before the clock tic-tocs and ends. the big score. before it's all said and done we gon' have to give account for all the things that we did in large amounts. so i continue to use this venue of self expression to relieve depression of the mind. FULL SPEED AHEAD8, yep. don't let us leave you behind. seek and ye shall find. unh, uhn.

repeat hook once.